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4ti2 EDITORIAL AKIICLES. J'laguf l);K-illi have l)cen found in the rectum and in the fixces of the flea and on rare instances in the CESophagus, but never in the saUvary glands or in the body cavit\-. It is suggested that infection follows the entrance of the bacillus through the puncture of the flea from the fjeces of the insect previously or subsequently deposited on the skin. The Buy Aciclovir Online cat flea (Pities felis) does not seem to Aciclovir Tablets 800mg be able to transmit the disease. The human flea {Pulex irritans) and Ccratophyllus fasciatrts are capable of transmitting the disease. Evidence has been obtained which shows that Bacillus pestis found on the skin of an animal is able to enter the skin through the bite of a noninfected flea and produce plague. Further ex- perimental work seems to show that the flea and the flea Aciclovir Eye Ointment alone is the transmitting agent of the disease. There is a valuable article on the anatomy Buy Aciclovir of the Pules clieopis, the rat flea. demic form, and in jjcrsons v\ho had n(jt been at- tacked with either of those diseases, but they added that at the time when this case occurred neither pneumonia nor influenza was jjrevalcnt in I'ari?. AN INDETERMINATE MENINGEAL DISTURB- ANCE. In the Bulletins ct iiieinoire.s de la Societc inedicale des hopitaux de Paris for July 25th M. Widal and 'M. Philibert report the case of a woman, twenty years old, who entered their service in the hopital Cochin complaining of intense headache. She had had headache for two months, but it had only now become so severe as to lead her to seek admission into the hospital. She had always been healthy, and there was nothing in her personal or family history or anvthing discoverable on physical examination to indicate any diathetic taint. She had lost appetite and flesh, her sleep was disturbed, and she had night sweats. At the Aciclovir Bp time of her admission Buy Aciclovir Tablets Uk the headache was atrocious, her temperature was 100.75° ^■< ^n*^' her pulse was 64. Stilifness of the neck, Kernig's sign, Aciclovir Tablets 200mg exaggerated reflexes, and irregularit}- of the Buy Aciclovir Tablets pupils soon supervened. Aciclovir Buy These phenomena varied in intensity from time to time, sometimes even dis- appearing temporarily. Cerebrospinal fluid with- drawn by lumbar puncture was never ejected as if under pressure, and at no time did it show any bacil- lary elements ; at first it contained Aciclovir Tablets Buy Online multinuclear cells and subsequently lymphocytes. The girl showed no sign of Aciclovir 800mg hysteria. She was under observation for three months and a half in the hospital ; she then left in an apparently normal condition, except that the pupillary inequality had not entirely disappeared. The case was reported as one of nervous sequels of a meningeal state {etat meninge) of indetermi- nate Valaciclovir Vs Aciclovir nature. It was thought to have been inflamma- tory. l)ut not of a specific origin. Antisyphilitic treatment, tried as a matter of routine, had no effect, The authors remarked that curable cases of acute meningitis were sometimes met with at times when pneumonia or influenza was ])revailing in an c])i CHLOROFORM i\ THE BLOOD. In our issue for P'ebruar_\- 8lh wc called attention to Aciclovir 5 Cream some Aciclovir Cream Bp experiments made Where To Buy Aciclovir by Buckmaster and Gard- ner to determine the amount of chloroform in Aciclovir Cold Sore Cream the blood of anaesthetized animals. In their first paper the authors criticised the method adopted by the French writers for the determination of the percent- age of chloroform in the blood of these animals. In a second series of experiments (Proceedings of the Royal Society, Ixxix, B 532) Buckmaster and Gard- ner made a series of parallel estimations with the method advised by them in the first paper and with the method employed by Dr. Maurice Niclou.x. They find that the latter method, Aciclovir Dispersible Tablets though not pos- sessing a very high degree of precision as an exact chemical procedure, is sufficiently accurate for most practical purposes and is capable of giving satisfac- tory results for the estimation of chloroform in air and in simple solution in such liquids as urine. In the case Aciclovir Cold Sore of the Aciclovir Tablets To Buy blood cf anaesthetized animals, how- ever, the results are uniformly too low if the blood for analysis is allowed to clot before the mixture with acid alcohol is made. When, on the other hand, the clotting of the blood is prevented by an oxalate, the results more nearly approach those given by the method devised by the authors ; but they are still too low. In one experiment, in which the animal was treated with hirudin in such proportion as to render

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