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the blood incoagulable for some minutes, the results obtained by the two methods were almost identical. The writers believe that, on account of the variable and low results obtained with clotted blood by the method of Nicloux, if it should be applied to organs or tissues which do not disintegrate when boiled with acid alcohol, the results would also be too low. THE NEW VOLUME OF THE INDEX CATA- LOGUE. We have received the twelfth volume of the sec- ond series of the Index Catalogue of the Librar\ of the Surgeon General's Office, United States Army. It has been prepared under the supervision of Major Weaker D. Aciphex Generic Available McCaw, of the Medical Corps of the army. It consists of eleven pages devoted to the third addition to the alphabetical list of titles of medical periodicals, followed by 978 large double columned pages of text, carrying the vocabulary from () to Periodicals. It would be superfluous to comment on the character of the volume, for it pre- serves the supreme excelkMni' that pertains to all tlic preceding vohnncs. Scptemhcr 7, 1007.] XEIVS ITEMS. 463 BcU)5 .litems. Fined for Selling Adulterated Milk — A milk dealer in Delaware County. Pennsylvania, has been fined $60 for sell- ing adulterated milk. The Portland, Me., Medical Club lield a meeting on Thursday evening, September sth, as guests of Dr. C. W. Foster. A paper on Diphtheria was read by Dr. C. L. Cragin. The Southern Medical Association (formerly known Generic Name For Aciphex as the Tri-State Medical Society of Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee) , will hold its first annual meeting at Birming- ham. Ala., on September 24, 25. Aciphex Generic Equivalent and 26, 1907. under the presidency of Dr. H. H. Martin, of Savannah. Dr. Ray- mond Wallace, of Chattanooga, Tenn.. is secretary. The Pennsylvania State Pharmaceutical Examining Board has issued certificates Aciphex Rebate Coupon to five persons who took the examination for registered pharmacist, and to eight persons who Aciphex Discount Card took the examination for qualified assistant. Twenty- three candidates took the former and thirty candidates the latter e.xamination. Philadelphia Mtmicipal Hospital Census: Remaining Dis- Re- last report. Received, charged. Died, maining. Diphtheria 62 63 61 9 -n.T Scarlet fever 92 30 70 1 l.i Smallpo.'i 1 1 Other diseases 10 2 1" 5 3 The Rhode Island Medical Society — The quarterly meet- ing of this society was held at Field's Point, on August 29th. Papers were read as follows : Acetonemia, by Dr. N. H. Gifford ; A Case of Cancer Simulating Aneurysm. by Dr. Is There A Generic For Aciphex Jay Perkins; Who Shall Marry? by Dr. Bernard L. Towle. The Wisconsin State Medical Association held its an- nual Purchase Aciphex Online meeting at Superior on August 20-22, 1907. The fol- lowing officers were elected : President. Dr. W. E. Graimd. Superior ; vice-presidents, Dr. Byron M. Caples. Waukesha ; Dr. Herman Gasser, Platteville; and Dr. E. S. Hayes, Eau Claire. Milwaukee was chosen as Aciphex Coupon Rebate the next place of meet- ing. Scientific Society Aciphex Generic Name Meetings in Philadelphia for the Week Ending September 14, 1907 — Monday, Setleinbcr Buy Generic Aciphex 9th, Wills Aciphex Savings Card llosi)ital Ophthalmic Society. Wednesday. Septem- ber nth. Buy Cheap Aciphex Philadelphia County Medical Society. Thursday. September uth. Pathological Society. Friday, Sel>tember 13th, Northern Medical .Association. West P.ranch, Phila- delphia County Medical Society. The Jefferson County, Alabama, Medical Society — At a meeting of this society, held at Birmingham, Aciphex Tablets on Monday. August 26, a symposium on Typhoid Fever was presented as follows: The Modes of Aciphex Pi Infection Order Aciphex Online and Means of Preven- tion, by What Is Aciphex 20 Mg Dr. R. B. Harkness. city Aciphex 40 Mg health officer : Diagnosis Aciphex Buy and Clinical Types, by Dr. A. C. Cameron : Diet and Hydro- therapy, by Dr. H. S. Ward ; Complications and Methods of Treating Them, by Dr. Cabot Lull. When Will Aciphex Go Generic

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