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Personals — Dr. Robert W. Lovett. of Boston, has been appointed by the governor a member of the Massachusetts State Board of Health, vice John W. Bartol. resigned. Dr. John tiray, of Niagara Falls, was the recipient re- cently of a loving cup. presented by the Niagara Falls Acad- emy of Medicine, on the eve of his departure tor Colorado, Buy Acticin Online on account of ill health. Dr. Louis A. Klein, of Lewiston, Pa., has been appointed by the govcrniir assistant Stale veterinarian. Typhoid Fever in Pennsylvania Towns. — .\ccording to reports received at the .State Department of Health, there is an epidemic of typhoid fever in Ridgway, Elk County. Seventy-one cases have been reported in a population of 8,000. .\ number of cases of disease in children character- ized by paralysis has been reported from the same town. Some of these cases arc believtil to be due to acute anterior poliomyelitis and others Acticin Permethrin Cream to cerebrospinal meningitis. An unusual luunber of cases of typhc>ici,•llil>n ua-; held at Cedar Point, l^kc nn .Avigust i'.'^, jg, :uid .^o. 1907. under the presi- dency of Dr. Benjamin R. McClellen, of Xenia. Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President,* Dr. Charles L. Bonitield, Cincinnati; vice-presidents. Dr. D. W. Steincr, Lima; Dr. J. S. McClcllan, Bellairc; Dr. B. S. Bowman. .Akron ; and Dr. II. T Sutton. Zancsvillc; secre- tary. Dr. J. H. J. Uphani, Columbus; treasurer. Dr. J. A. Duncan. Toledo. The Gloucester Coimty, New Jersey, Medical Society will hold its tenth annual social session at the Hotel Pit- man, Pitman Grove, on Thursday. September 19th, at 6 p. m. These social sessions, growing out of the eightieth anniversary of the society, in 1898. have proved an excel- lent means of increasing the Generic Acticin esprit de corps of the society, as they are attended, not only by members of the society but by their wives and itivited guests and afford an oppor- tunity for the members to become better acquainted and more interested in each other. The Medical Purchase Acticin Online Society of the County of Herkimer, N. Y. — The quarterly meeting of this society was held at Herki- mer, on Tuesday. September 3rd. The programme ar- ranged for the meeting included the following papers : Otitis Media, Dr. H, Beattie Brown, president of the Medi- cal Society of the County of Westchester, physician to the Eye Acticin Price and Ear Infirmary. New York city ; Ammonia in Pneu- monia, Dr. George S. Eveleth. Little Falls ; Report of a Case Buy Cheap Acticin of Typhoid Fever with Complications, Dr. J. E. Can- field, Herkimer. Charitable Bsqussts — By the will of Samuel E. Moore, the Episcopal Hospital, of Philadelphia, becomes a residuary legatee with three other institutions of a nonmedical char- acter. By the will of Catherine Franey, St. Vincent's Home and the Maternity Hospital, of Philadelphia, receive $ioo each. The Society of St. Joseph for Educating and Maintaining Poor Children receives $800. By the will of Mr. A. A. Housman, of New York, the following bequests are made : Mt. Sinai Hospital, $10,000. for a Housman memorial bed : Hebrew Orphan .\sylum. of New York. $5,000; Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids, $2,000; Home for .Aged and Infirm Hebrews, $2,000. The Mortality of Baltimore — According to the report of the health department for tlie week ending August 24, IQ07. there were 40 cases of typhoid fever reported, as compared with 53 Order Acticin Online last year. The report showed a total of 248 deaths, as compared with 217 the Purchase Acticin corresponding week of last Order Acticin year. 195 in 1905. and 200 in 1904. The annual death rate in of population was: Whole, 22.09; white, 20.25; col- ored. ,^1.78. The principal causes of death were: Typhoid fever, g; consumption. ,35; Acticin Cream 5 cancer, 5; apoplexy, 4; organic heart diseases, 7 ; bronchitis, i ; pneumonia, 5 : diarrhrea. under two years of age, 54: Bright's disease, 20: congenital debility. iS: lack of care, i; old age, 3; suicides, i; homi- cides. T : accidents, etc., 19. The Mortality of Chicago — .According to the report of the department of health for the week ending August 24. 1907, there were, during the week. 6S4 deaths from all causes, as compared Acticin Cream with 589 for the corresponding week in 1906. The annual death rate in a thousand of popula- tion was 16.92. The principal causes of death were : Apoplexy, 11: Bright's disease. X7: bronchitis. 11; con- sumption, 51; cancer, 25; diphtheria. 5: convulsions, 7; heart diseases, 45; intestinal diseases (acute), 212; nervous diseases, 22; pneumonia. 39: scarlet fever, 8; typhoid fever. II; whooping cough, 4; all ether 145. There were 252 deaths of males under l year of age ; 70 between I and 5 years of age; 50 between 5 and 20 years of age; 226 be- tween 20 and 60 years of Buy Acticin age ; and ?6 over 60 years of age. The National Medical Association, composed of colored physicians, dentists, and pharmacists, held its ninth annual meeting at Baltimore, on .August 20 and 30, 1007. The officers of the association are : President, Dr. N. F. Mor- sell, Philadelphia; vice-i)rcsideiu. Dr. G. W. Cabannis, Washington. D. C. ; treasurer. Dr. .A. W. Williams, Chi-

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