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THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL August 2Q, aldactone 25 mg generic aldactone I00~. 1. The Dignity of Medicine. By Ir.\ J. Prouty. 2. The Three Long Continjied Fever^; of New England. By Richard C. Cabot. 3. The Organization of Tuberculosis Classes. By Joseph H. Pratt. 4. Medical Inspectors : Their Function, By Charles Harrington. 5. Factory Inspection, By Frank G. Wheatley. 2. The Three Long Continued Favers of New Eng- land. — Cabot, in this paper, aldactone online speaks of fever which lasts purchase aldactone online two weeks or n;ore. typhoid, tuberculosis, and sepsis. Under sepsis the nuthor understands all the diseases due to the pus forming bacteria which are profie to ex- ert their influence in any part of the body, puerperal fevers, appendicit's. fevers originating in the gallblad- der and the pelvis; also those hidden, dubious fevers associated with vegetations on the heart valves, com- monly called ulcerative or malignant endocarditis. Out of 784 cases which he studied for the purpose of this paper at the Massachusetts Cjeneral Hospital, he had 586 cases of typhoid. The next largest cheap aldactone item was .sep- sis, aldactone price with seventy cases, or 9 per cent., and then tuber- culosis with fifty-four aldactone cost cases, or 7 per cent. Next to these three common fevers comes meningitis, although it is usually associated with a short fever or with one which often touches normal, it may produce a contin- ued fever ; and twenty-seven buy aldactone online buy spironolactone online of the cases of cerebro- spinal meningitis were of this type. Next to that group comes aldactone mg influenza, ten cases. .-Vcute articular rheumatism, ten cases. buy cheap aldactone It may turn out to be true that this disease is due to a rather mild infection with pyogenic, pus forming cocci ; if so these cases would be classed with the other types of buy cheap spironolactone sepsis. Then come five cases of leu- casmia, and four cases of malignant abscess, with fever. After that, purchase aldactone cirrhosis and gonorrhcea, two cases each, and then thirteen other d'seases, one of each. The au- thor then treats the three fevers of long standing. He concludes that it is important to realize the fact that there are but three common, long, continued fevers in New England. Second, that these fevers, though often confounded with each other and so unrecognized, can be recognized in the vast majority of provided we think of them at all and look for them carefully by the ordinary methods of phys cal diagnosis. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION August 31, 1007. 1. .\ Review of Recent Work on the Mechanism of Urine Formation, By Torald Soli.mann. 2. riif Importance of Ice in the Production of Typhoid I'"ever, By William II. Park. ."!. Rontgcn Ray Technique in Dermatolosy, By MlIlRAN K. Kassabian. 4. I'reatment of .Acne and Chronic Eczema. By RrssELL aldactone tablets H. Boccs. 5. The Therapeutics of Tuberculosis of the Skin, By Granville MacGowan. 6. Two Scborrhd'ids of tlie Face: i. .\cnc Rubra .Scbor- rliu-ioum. II. I'ityriasiform Seborrluiid of the aldactone buy Face, By M. F. Engman and W. M. AIook. 7. 'I'hc Technique aldactone order of Operations for Carcinoma of the Breast, By Miles F. Porter. 8. Plastic Rndinjjraphy. .'\ Preliminary Communication, By Walti;r G. Stern and F. Roseniierg. 9. .\ Simple buy spironolactone and Safe Operation on the Frontal aldactone 50 mg Sinus by llie Intranasal Route, By R. II. order aldactone online Good. 10 The Class Method nf Troatinj; Consumption in the Homes of llie Poor, By Joseph H. Pratt. Ti. Observations on Planiic in India, By Judsox Daland. ^2. I lie (Juality of I'uhlic Water Supplies, By William S. Johnson. 13. I-'iltrafion of Public VN'.itcr Supplies, By Harry W. Clark. 14. The Pelvic Articulalion, By Joel K. Goldthwait.

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