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By D. GrCnbaum. 4. A Typical Disease of the etoricoxib arcoxia Vertebral "Column (Insufli- cientia V'crtebrx). By A. Schanz. 5. Syphilis of the Heart and Its Early Diagnosis, By B. Herzoc. 6. Meninuococci Spermatocystitis (Concluded). By L. Pick. 7. purchase arcoxia online Stasis Therapy in Gynjecology and Obstetrics. By E. RuNGE. 1. The Division" of the Uterus arcoxia price Into Three Parts. The Lower Segment, and Placenta Praevia. — .\schoff divides the uterus into the body, the cervix, and the intermediate portion or etoricoxib tablets isthmus. Placenta pra;via he divides into three forms: Placenta pr.-evia simplex, buy etoricoxib in which the placenta occupies only a small ]K>rtion of the isthmus ; placenta pra'via isthmica. which comprises all forms in which the placenta occupies the larger part, or the whole of the isthmus, corresponding to the pla- centa pr.evia niarginalis: and the placenta |ir;evia ccr- vicalis. which includes the rare cases in which the pla- centa arcoxia cost is attached to the cervical wall itself. 2. Syphilitic Disease of the Parotid. — Claus reports a case of arcoxia mg this nature met with in etoricoxib msd a married woman. In addition to other troubles referable to syphilis both parotids had been swollen for about a year and ini- proveil luiiler Irealuunl willi jiotassium iodide, 3. A New Case of Primary Cancer of the Appendix. — (iriiubaum reports a case in which laparoioniy was pcrfonneii on account generic arcoxia of double pyosalpinx, with in- I'lTH OF ClRKJiNT LITiiKATn^Ii. flaiiinialorv involvement of the appendix and a primary carcinoma of the hitter found. 4. Insufficientia Vertebrae. — Schanz points out that cases are met with in which a painful place in the ver- tehral column can be demonstrated that do npt conform to any known picture of pain due etoricoxib 60 mg to disease of the ver- tebras. He believes these are due to an insufficiency analogous to that met with in arcoxia online flat foot, and that they need long continued support by means of a properlv applied apparatus. 6. Meningococci Spermatocystitis. — Pick believes that he has found a relationship between contagious cerebrospinal meningitis and meningococcic or gono- coccic inflammation of the spermatic vesicles. MUENCHENER MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT August IS, IQ07. 1. Concerning the Indications for an Artificial Terminatioi; of Pregnancy in Patients with Mental Disease, By arcoxia 90mg Alzheimek. 2. Concerning the Presence and Importance of Carriers of Typhoid Bacilli in Lunatic Asylums, By Nietee. 3. Concerning Lumbar Anxsthesia, By AcH. 4. Successful Inoculation of a Spindle Celled Sarcoma in Dog, By Sticker. 5. Concerning the Electric Registration of purchase arcoxia Mechanical buy cheap arcoxia Processes, Particularly with the Aid of the Thread Galvanometer and Thread Electrometer, By Cremer. 6. A Case of Rupture of the Rectum, By Heineke. 7. Traumatic, Intraperitoneal Rupture of the Bladder. Laparotomy. Recovery, By Berblinger. 8. Injuries of the Abdomen buy arcoxia online from Contusions, By VOCKLER. 9. Multiple Tumors of the Brain arcoxia tablets Presenting the Symptoms of a order arcoxia online Focus in the Internal Capsule, By Seggel. 10. Comparative Studies Concerning order arcoxia the Demonstration of Blood in the Faeces by Means of the Spectroscope and of the Modified Weber's Test, By Fe.^nkel, 11. Acute Citrophen Poisoning, By Heyde. 12. An Instrument for the Partial Excision of Ingrown buy arcoxia

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