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thai in cancer of the body of the uterus it was advisable to remove the tubes ami ovaries completely, but in can- cer of the cervix in women under forty years old ouo or Generic Atrovent a portion of one ovarv should be loft. PROCFJiDfNGS ()/• SOCIEriliS. I>r. J. \\ ESLEY BovEE, of VXasliHigtoii, was not pre- pared to accept Dr. Taussig's suggestion that a portion of the ovary ought to be left in the operation for can- cer of Order Atrovent Online the cervix, as he believed that cancer of the cer- vix spread more readily than cancer of the body of the uterus. The case under Cheap Atrovent discussion he considered a rare one, and he thought that the operation in such cases of cancer of the cervix should be the radical one. Dr. Lapthorn Smith, of Montreal, mentioned the case of a woman who was operated on by Buy Atrovent an expert and returned in two years in a hopeless condition be- cause the ovaries had not been removed. Dr. Reuben Peterson, of Ann A^bor, Mich., thought this is an important paper and agreed with Dr. Bovee that an operation for cancer of the cervix should be a radical one and that the recommendation that the ovary be left was a step backward. After a thorough inves- tigation he did not find any advantage to women whether an ovary was left or not. He expected that the majority would not agree to leaving in the ovaries, but did not believe it an entirely unsafe proceeding. He also thought the appendix should be removed if the ovary was. A New Method of Version. — Dr. A. F. A. King, of Washington, presented this Purchase Atrovent Online paper (see page 411). Dr. J. Clifton Edgar, of New York, regretted that he had not a successful case to report, as he had not had a favorable case on which to try this method since learning of it. Dr. R. A. Harris recalled a case in which he was called in, and upon examination found it to be a shoul- der presentation. He went to his office for some instru- ments and when he returned found the head coming down. He learned that the patient had urinated in a vessel, therefore assuming the squatting posture during his absence. Dr. Murray thought the Buy Aerovent pelvis should be examined tor contraction before this method was tried. The Superiority of Primary Over Secondary Caesar- ean Section; Feasibility and Buy Cheap Atrovent Advantages of a Prede- termination of the Method of Delivery. — Dr. Edward Reynolds, of Boston, said that the mortality in Caesar- ean section was roughly proportionate to the amount of labor done. The operation should be made an elec- tive one, and the secondary operation should be less often performed than at present. The predetermination of the Order Atrovent method was a matter for the specialist only: therefore a closer relation between the specialist and the general practitioner was desirable before labor had progressed too far, that delay might not produce ill re- sults. PuMotomy. — Dr. Henry D. Fry, of Washington, re- ported two cases of his own. Pubiotomy was a satis- factory operation, he said, so far as the operation itself went, for cases of enlarged head and in cases of moder- ate degree of pelvic contraction. The separation of the pelvic bones was about 4 to 5 ctm., and this was usually sufficient. The Buy Atrovent Online principal oljjection was the difficulty encountered in the after treatment. Dr. Cirandin was in accord with Dr. Reynolds, and had made a plea himself for the primary Cesarean section seventeen years ago. It was the simplest opera- tion in the whole range of surgery. He was in favor of pubiotomy over symphysiotomy, and believed that so long as the foetal head could be made to engage there was no necessity to induce labor. He also believed in packing the cervix after dilating. He could not see why the vaginal Cesarean section was called for if the Purchase Atrovent head was movable. Dr. Lapthorn Smith condemned pubiotomy. He endorsed Dr. Davis and Dr. Reynolds. r)r. Murray said that the object of the obstetrician was not to deliver a woman of a child alive or Atrovent Online dead, but to leave both in the best possible condition. We had had our own full statistics, and we could not call an induced labor an easy thing. C;esarean section was by far the best operation. In a vast majority of these cases we should let the case go to labor for Ca;sarean section and not inter- fere with high forceps. Dr. Dickinson, of Brooklyn, said that we could often foretell a difficult labor from the presence of a chronic toxaemia or a chronic neurasthenia. For many years we had had control of the secondary stage of labor.

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