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The Pomeroy bag now gave us control of the first stage, and has the advantage Purchase Avandia Online of all other dilators. We need therefore only to induce labor in multipanie, where it was easy. Dr. Malcolm McLean asked at what time interfer- ence should take Avandia Mg place in a given labor. There seemed to be a tendency to interfere too early, when the cer- vix and other parts had not gone through the physical changes. Dr. Reynolds d d not approve of pubiotomy, and had never had one done. Regarding Dr. Davis's paper, he did not think the series of cases was large enough. Ovarian Gestation, a Second Specimen. — Dr. J. Clar- ence Webster, of Chicago, spoke of two specimens, the second of which was the subject of discussion. The embryo was in position in a single amniotic cavity. The condition was diagnosticated before operation. The Care of the Wound and the After Treatment OF Laparotomies. Avanafil Buy The Method of Closing the Wound.— Dr. Seth C. Gordon, of Portland, Me., said that each part should be carefully replaced. Catgut and Avandia 4 Mg silkworm gut sutures should be used only. Three weeks was necessary to coniDlete union. . Catgut or Silver Wire for Approximating the Deep Fascia. — Dr. Hunter Robb, of Cleveland, read this paper. Dr. Le Roy Broun, of New York, said it was impor- tant to approximate the fascia edges Avandia Cost and retain them so replaced for tvt'o weeks. He found that after pri- mary union was supposed to have occurred the wound would open on coughing. He believed this was due to some blood changes. He had been experimenting with some suture material, but the experiments had not been concluded. The Use of Laxatives in the After Treatment. — Dr. Henry T. Byford, of Chicago, said that paristalsis was inhibited not only by conditions attending and follow- ing the operative procedure itself, but also by the empti- ness of the bowels due to the purgation and dieting the day before, and the nausea and dieting the day after. The dangers of Order Avandia allowing intestinal atony Purchase Avandia to persist must be overcome. We must consider the necessity of giv- ing laxatives to overcome the atony. There was risk in waiting for an appetite ; solid food and intestinal ful- ness were necessary to produce efficient peristalsis. Eserine Salicylate as a Prophylactic Against Atony of the Bowels. — Dr. Hiram N. Vineburg. of New York, was not ready to recommend this substance as yet, for the reason Avandia Online that his experiments with it had not been completed. The size of the dose used by the writer was '/„ of a grain. It was used in different Buy Avanafil series of cases, and those in which it was used showed better Avandia Tablets results. No bad results had followed its use, but it must not be employed in every case, as, for instance, cases of beginning peritonitis. It had been tried in 200 cases. He had tried to have a control case, but the difference between Avandia Canada the two was not great. In cases of gastric dis- ease no good resulted. It was given before the opera- tion, and the patient went into a conditon of shock. Care of the Stomach and Bowels; Position and Rest in Bed. — Dr. Lapthorn .Smith said that nothing what- ever sliould be allowed to go into the stomach during the first twenty-four hours. The bowels should be mn\cd by an enema on the third day and Order Avandia Online every day September 7, 1007 ] BOOK NOTICES. 473 after unless they moved naturally. If vomiting was experienced, calomel was used Avandia 8 Mg generally with sodium bicarbonate. The position depended upon the sever- ity of the cases : the foot of the bed was raised, or in septic cases, especially after appendicitis, the head was raised. Rest in bed for three weeks was the safest. Twenty-one Buy Cheap Avandia days after the operation the patient got up and began gentle exercise, so that by the twenty- eighth day she Buy Avandia Online could walk about freely. The Incision and After Treatment. — Dr. W. Gill Wylie. of \ew York, preferred to keep the Cheap Avandia stomach and intestine empty. He gave olive oil and glycerin for several days prior to the operation. The object of this was to have Generic Avandia the gallbladder empty. It was almost im- possible to prevent hernia, especially in patients who coughed. If the Avandia Price incision was in the middle line, the opening in the skin and fat was madq longer than in the deep fascia. It was a mistake to make the openings too Buy Avandia large or too small.

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