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At Chicago. 111. : Surgeon G. B. Young, Chairman, and Passed Assistant Surgeon B. S. Warren, Biaxin Xl 500mg Recorder. At Detroit, Mich. : Surgeon Fairfax Irwin. Chairman, and Assistant Surgeon E. R. Marshall, Recorder. At Galveston, Texas : Passed Assistant Surgeon G. "M. Corput, Chairman, and Acting Assistant Surgeon William H. Gammon, Recorder. At Philadelphia, Pa.: Antibiotics Biaxin Surgeon J. M. Cassaway, Chair- man, and Acting Assistant Surgeon Louis Schwartz, Re- corder. At Portland, Me.: Surgeon W. P. Mcintosh, Chairman, and .A-Cting Assistant Surgeon A. F. Stuart, Recorder. At San Francisco, Cal. : Surgeon H. W. Austin. Chair- man, and Passed Assistant Surgeon J. D. Long, Recorder. At Washington, D. C. : Assistant Surgeon General J. INI. Eager, Chairman, and passed Assistant Surgeon J. W. Trask, Recorder. Army Intelligence: Official List of Changes in the Stations and Duties of Of- ficers serving in the Medical Department of Biaxin 500mg the United States Army, for the week ending August $1, igoy: BiLLiNGSLEA, C. C, Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence Purchase Biaxin for twenty-five days. Fisher, H. C, Major and Surgeon. Granted leave of ab- sence for thirty days; in addition to other duties at Fort Logan, Colo., will report to the commanding gen- eral of the Department of Colorado, Denver, Colo., for temporary duty as chief surgeon. Phalen, J. M., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. Granted Biaxin Antibiotic leave of absence fgr fifteen days. Reynolds, F. P., Major and Surgeon. Leave of absence extended fourteen days. Navy Intelligence: Official List of Changes in the Medical Biaxin Order Corps of the United States Navy, for the week ending August 31, 1907: DeLanxy, C. H.. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Florida and ordered to the Navy Yard, New York, X. Y. Biaxin Buy Online Biaxin Cost DoKSEY, B. H., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from duty at Biaxin 500 Mg the navy recruiting station, Dcs Moines. la., and ordered to Washington, D. C, September 3rd, for ex- amination Biaxin Xl 500 for promotion ; then to await orders. Jones, A. McK., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Sick leave re- voked ; ordered to the naval recruiting station, Des Moines, la. Martin, J. C, Pharmacist. Antibiotic Biaxin Detached from the naval dis- pensarv, Washington, D. C, and ordered to the Order Biaxin United States' Naval Medical School Hospital, Washmgton, U. C. IAN, C. M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Arkansas and ordered to the Illinois. krvNOUis, C. E., Pharmacist. Detached from the Naval Medical School Hospital, Washington, D. C, and or- dered to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Department, Washington. D. C. ScHETKY, L. O., Pharmacist. Detached from Biaxin Online the Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., and ordered to the Naval Hos- pital. Washington, D. C. VicKERY, E. A., Biaxin Xl Assistant Surgeon. Detached from Buy Biaxin the Illinois and ordered to the Navy Yard. Boston, Mass. I'lirt^s, Ularriagfs, anJ) Qcat^s. Married. Beisinger — Howard. — In New Cheap Biaxin York, on Tuesday, August 20th, Dr. Ralph P. Beisinger and Miss Rae Howard. Delong — Stoffel. — In Pittsburgh, on Thursday, August 22nd, Dr. Francis Edward Delong and Miss Emma J. Stoffel. Diss — Barker. — In Sidney. N. Y., on Thursday, -August 22nd, Dr. Charles Joseph Diss and Miss Constance Joseph Barker. Foster — Hallett. — In Philadelphia, on Wednesday, Au- gust 2ist, Dr. Roland Biaxin Price H. Foster and Miss Flossie Hallett. Hughes Biaxin Antibiotics — MacGinertv. — Biaxin 500 In Shoreham, Vermont, on Thursday, August 22nd, Dr. John Hughes and Miss Aline MacGinerty. Waite. — Cook. — In Lakemills, Wisconsin, on Sunday, August l8th. Dr. W. W. Waite, of Syracuse, N. V., and Miss Lillian Ardelle Cook. Wither — Miller. — In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, August 21st, Dr. Luther F. Witraer and Miss Louise Elizabeth Miller.

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