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the wherefore. The power Order Bupropion Online of the galvanic current to decompose water was discovered and first described by Nichol- son and Carlisle in 1800. In 1806 Sir Humphrey Davy presented to the Royal Society a lecture on some chemical agencies of electricity and the fol- lowing year announced the discovery of the decom- position of the fi.xed alkalies. Buy Bupron Sr The phenomena of electrolysis are due to a modification, by the current, of tlie chemical affinity of the particles through which the current passes, causing them to undergo decomposition and recomposition. In the electrol- ysis of inorganic substances, it cannot be expected to. solve the mysteries of life and disease. As the body is largely composed of water, holding in solution salts of ])otash and soda, it thus becomes an excel- lent electrolyte. The current of a dry battery, trans- mitted by an ordinary neurotone, is the simplest and nifjst Purchase Bupropion efficient method of electrical application. The umbilicus may be considered ihc slonn centre, as far as cnllatcral influence on the sympathetic system is concerned, as here the solar ])Iexus approaches nearest liie surface llirongh its luany filaments, which in turn accompany all the branches given off l)y the abdoiuinal aorta. It also interlaces with the nerve fibres of the phrenic plexuses; gastric, bejia- lic and splenic plexuses; suprorenal and renal plex- uses; sujierior mesenteric plexus; sperm;\lic i)lex- nscs; and inferior mesenteric plexuses. .Mthough according to Bastion a wide basis of positive knowl- edge does not exist, it is accepted that the syiupa- thctic system of nerves, with its Buy Cheap Bupropion duubie gangleo- nated cord and great ganglionic plexuses, is. to a Buy Bupropion certain extent, an independent nervous .system, pen- riralini; deeply by its roots into the cerebrospinal .ixis. Its fibres are conthictcd lo and from the vis- cera along tile course of the blond vessels. The perii)heral ganglia are dominated by a still higher regulating centre, situated in the medulla oblongata, in relation with all the vasomotor nerves through- out the system. Although the nature of its rela- tions with the medullary centre is still uncertain, the fact that the fibres of the sympathetic are mixed up- on the vessels with those having a vasomotor function and have to do with the calibre of the bloodvessels generally, take part in the activity of all the glandular organs, in the movements of all the hollow viscera, and in the nutrition of the tissues generally, places the sympathetic system in the front as a central motive power. These are the circum- stances which count in Purchase Bupropion Online the operations of the svs- tem. When the tear and wear can be so changed by electrolytic action as to afford the freer trans- mission of normal nerve force, the constitutional changes for the better become most marked. Case L — R. C. McC. aged seventy-one years, an officer in the Civil Service, Ottawa, was attacked, fully seven years ago, with a cough, shortness of breath, with a general sense of muscular weakness, and les- sened ability to walk with usual strength Order Bupropion of limbs, the gait being reduced to a short and rather feeble step. There was no evidence of marked muscular atrophy, but rather of defective muscular power in locomotion, and of lessened normal vigor as to contractility. This condition continued more or less for Cheap Bupropion a period of fullv five years. In regard to sensory fimctions, there were no important subjective Bupron Sr Tablets phenomena. In the Bupropion Online entire body all kinds of skin impressions were perceived read- ily and with normal acuteness. Eyes were perfect as to vision, and there was no strainess whatever; sight was acute, both as to form and color, pupils were equal and reacted perfectly to I'ght. Motor condition was equal on both sides of the body. Knee jerks were normal, and not in any way exaggerated, also ankle clonus was normal. Voluntary movements in face, arms, and hands were tolerably well performed. The patient stood steadily, with no marked change in closing eyes. If faulty condition in the spinal cord or higher sensory tracts accouiUeGeneric Bupropion gait was qu'te simple in, per- focllv regtdar. very short steps, with no sicrns of un- steadiness, and Buy Bupropion Online no zigzagging in leg movencnl. .^fte^ careful consideration it was thoitsrlit that the chief source of d flicnllv nninled towards f.inhv .Triion in the nerve ceiUres, resnltint;- from the ncciuunlalion of tear and wear in past vears. ob
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