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GRANT: ELECTROLYSIS AND NERVOUS SYSTEM. day for three weeks, brought about an entire change for the better in every particular. The patient now walks with who makes generic buspar ease and comfort, enjoying buspar generic buspirone the gait of years past. His face regained its former red color, owing to increased power of the vasa vasorum. buspar 30 mg high The improve- ment in his general condition was most marked, appe- tite was good, cough and breathing much relieved, constipated bowels had become more regular. Sleep was composed and natural. His life history showed a temperate and regular man, free from any syphilitic complication. Case II. — Mrs. A. K., aged eighty years, well formed and of moderate stature, generally enjoyed good do you need a prescription for buspar health, and was the mother- of one child. Five years ago, for the first time, the patient buspar 10mg pills found the power of her limbs not as vigorous as usual, but this fact was not attended bj' pain or evidence of muscular atrophy. She was unable to walk any distance without inconvenience and rapidly average cost buspar developed fatigue. The symptoms were at- tended by considerable shortness of breath and appar- ent inability to expand the chest, with accustomed vig- or, in the respiratory process. Cough, expectoration, or any evidence of organic pulmonary or cardiac disease were not present. At times, during the past two years, she experienced a sense of dizziness, chiefly during the night, on movement of the head, which circumstance in- terfered with her usual buspar 10mg high quiet rest. The other functions of the body were normal, appetite was good, bowels moved regular, and urine was voided in normal quanti- t}'. Pulse was full, easy, and regular, and not changed by altered position. Memory was still retentive, and eyesight was normal. On January 4, 1907, she was placed under treatment, which was given every second day for a period of three weeks, each application of the neurotone to the moistened umbilicus, not occupy- ing more than ten minutes, and the power graduated according to circumstances. The change for the better in the much does buspar cost without insurance buspar 15 mg high entire system was most marked, dizziness disap- peared entirely, breathing became normal, and the power of the limbs was so restored that she walked freely to church and otherwise, without any difficulty. Facial expression was quite changed for the better, and the cheeks presented a shade of color, owing to undoubted increased activity in the capillary circula- tion. Case HI. — Judge E., aged seventy-nine years, father of a large and healthy family. buspar 15 mg twice day The patient was of or- dinary stature, regular conformation, and usually en- joyed vigorous health, owing to entire absence of or- ganic disease. During the past two years there had been a general feeling of malaise, with disinclination to engage in the active efforts of business, associated with a degree of mental depression, chiefly owing to the changed buspar 15 mg habits of life. The patient was unable to walk any distance with his usual activity. Fain in body buspar available generic and rheumatic complication were absent. Sensory organs were perfect as to funct'ons. For many years he was a leader in a church choir, but the vocal cords for the past year did not respond with their usual vigor. After ten days' treatment the entire strength of the system was restored, and locomotion became as perfect as for years past, the voice also regained its power and tone, and he returned to his usual duties and responsibilities with ease and comfort. Case IV. — H. G., aged seventy-eight years, was a tall, spare man, had been patent solicitor for a period of forty years, during the greater part of which time he enjoyed excellent buspar cost australia health. Family history was un- important ; his parents enjoyed a good old age. Social surroundings were favorable. Alcohol and tobacco had been onlv used in moderation. Digestive where can i buy buspar online power was moderately active, also the alimentary canal. Other functions of the system were undisturbed. The patient was of ncurosangu'ne temperament, with alert manner. Latterly his expression had been one of buspar 10 mg three times day anxiety and de- pression. As to the circulatory system, he experienced for several months a feeling at times of faintness, with feebleness of cardiac action, but unattended by generic buspar price cardiac murmur. Pulse became weak, with low tension be- tween beats, but no thickening of vessel walls. Respi- ratory system presented no abnormality, except at times defective power as to thoracic expansion. Integu- mentary system was natural. Disturbance of equilib- rium as to gait, except slow and weak for some months, such condition being gradually developed, was absent. Cerebral and mental functions were normal. Sleep was usually composed, and no indication of lesion in sen- sory centres could be observed. Pupils were of normal buspar generic problems size and acted naturally. Some years ago, he experi- enced weakness in sight, which under neurotone treat- ment greatly improved. Op September 13, 1906, he was placed under treatment, which was given every third day, buspar 10mg tab for four weeks. At the expiration of this time a marked change for the better was undoubted, and in six weeks he increased in weight fully twenty pounds. He now walks vigorously, feels in excellent health and spirits, and conducts his business with usual mental and physical activit}-. The daily, in 45 mg buspar fact the hour!)', changes in the com- ponent parts of the human body are mysterious and

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