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A most important factor in the jiroduction of in- testinal trouble is rapid eating of food. Man's effi- ciencv in the duties Purchase Cefaclor of life is due in a great measure to tile precautions in the use of suitalile food, guard- ing rigidly the varied of digestion. Clear- ness of brain and strength of muscle arc gained by living close to Nature. How frequently food leaves Cefaclor Monohydrate the stomach for the alimentary canal unconverted into normal chyme! This .semidigested material grailuallv produces results far reaching in charac- ter. Dilalatinn of the colon, partial or general, fre- ((uently follows. The gas generated in the dilated colon, the outcome Cefaclor Generation of imperfect assimilation, rellccts a poisonous Purchase Cefaclor Online influence on the alimentary ganglia of Cefaclor Cd the nervous system. .About this attractive region takes place the mysterious conversion of vegetable and other food products into blond. The nervous >.ysleni plav- .m important part in llii'; remarkable chemical transformation, histogenetic in character. This entire process is subject to defeat by surround- ing abnormal conditions. Cefaclor Antibiotic A gradually debilitated state of the system frequently follows, marked by moderate oedema of the extremities entirely outside of cardiac, hepatic, or Cefaclor Tablets renal Buy Cefaclor Online complications. Under such circumstances, the local application of elec- tricity to the abdominal walls brings about gradually a decided change for the better, the result of re- stored energy to the ganglionic centres, marked by subsidence of the dilated colon and Buy Cheap Cefaclor the gradual and . complete disappearance of serosity in the legs, owing to increased activity of the Cefaclor 500mg absorbents. I have fre- quently observed in regions of the limbs a lessened degree of sensation to the electric current of short duration. This defective electric response is inter- esting in the light of the clefts, or indentations in the medulla of the axis cylinder, defined as small irregular masses, separated by fluid (Foster. Phys- iology, page 122). Such conditions may account for an imperfect nervous impulse, the importance of which cannot be overestimated, Order Cefaclor Online provided the sudden return of complete sensation is the result of electrolytic action, restoring the continuity of the medulla of the axis cylinder. References. Dawse. Lectures on Massage and Electricity. Dawson Turner. Practical .Medical Electricity. Lewis Jones. Medical Electricity. Beard and Rockwell. .Medical and Surgical Electricity. Mott. The Degeneration of the ."Neurones. Beever. Croonian Lectures on Muscular Moiements. Pepper. Electricity. David Ferrier. Tabes Dorsalis. 1906. Foster. Te.vtbook of Physiology. Balance and Purvis Stewart. The Healing of .Xerz'cs, Cefaclor Cost 190T. Quain. Dictionary of Medicine. British Medical Journal. Februarj', 1907. J. S. Macdonald. Structure and Cefaclor 250mg Function of Nerve Fibres. ]. S. Macdonald. Injury Cefaclor Ceclor Current of Merz'c. 150 Elgin ."^tkicet. THE IDE.^L LIGATURE.* By a. D. Whiting, M. D.. Philadelphia, (Prajii tltc Lnboratory of Hyoirne. University of Pcnnayliania.) To be ideal, a ligature should be absolutely free from germ life and should remain sterile as long as it is retained in the tissue of the body : it should be strong and flexible : be absorbed or re- placed by living tissues after it has fulfilled its function. Since the advent of asepsis and antisepsis, investigators and scientists the world over have iicen putting forth their best efforts to ob- tain this ideal. If we harken unto the past, we may wonder that there is not to-tiay a feeling of con- tentment, of Cefaclor Price satisfaction with what we have, so mar- vellous have been the strides toward perfection. The •A very InterpslliiK hikI exluiiisilvi' jiapi-r on catgut, to which ni.v nttontlim Order Cefaclor hnd not been ciillcil iinlll after inv piipcr WHR wrillcn. iippctircd hi the nriilm In- 7.i ilnrhrifl filr Cninirnie for IP07 In this nrtlcic the iiutliors. Krli-drloh Knhn luiil M. IMisicr, i.vli'W the nnineroiis meihmls i>f slerlllzing coiiniiei.lal Cefaclor Mg ciilKiil. iind then eive 11 full n of the miin iifnctiire ol ciitifiit. with Cefaclor Generic the resullu Cefaclor Antibiotics of iheir experiments In treat-

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