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\\ (• ha\e in so called catgut and in kangaroo ten- don materials that readily alTnrd all the qualities I'f the perfect ligature, with one exception. Roth lua- lerial? are strong and flexil)le, lioth can readily be made sterile, and both are ai)soriH(l 'T replaced by liviiii' tissue. Uoth material-, hi -w ever, during the 48i WHITING: IDEAL LIGATURES. [New Yobk Medical .Tournai.. period 01 ilieir absorption furnish proper pabulum for any bacteria that may come in contact with them. In consequence of this, we tind many late abscess formations, not in my opinion due to germs that cipro cost have been buried in the interstices of the gut or tendon and liberated during their absorption, but to pathogenic bacteria in the tissues which come in contact with the ligature and find conditions suit- able for their growth and multiplication. Under the modern methods of sterilization of catgut and kangaroo tendon, both can be made sterile, and they seldom, if ever, buy cipro convey germ life to the tissues, un- less they have been contaminated after sterilization. They will not, however, remain sterile until they have been absorbed or replaced by living tissue if bacteria come in contact with them during the period of absorption. The majority of so called antiseptic animal ligatures that have been proposed and used in surgery have germicidal properties when they are introduced into the tissues. They lose this property before they are entirely absorbed, because the purchase cipro tissues take up or away from the material the chemical used much more rapidly than thev absorb or replace the material itself. In the vast majority of instances the germicidal agent used does not, can- not, penetTate the entire thickness of the ligature. The cuter portion of the ligature is temporarily antiseptic, even germicidal, while the centre cipro 250mg is but aseptic. Three years ago, with the hope of obtaining the perfect or ideal ligature, I began a study of what is ifniversally known as catgut. The term catgut is used in cipro price modern times to des- i.gnate a cord or string made by twisting together strips derived from the intestine of the sheep. Va- rious derivations of the word catgut have been ad- vanced, any one of which is probably as accurate as another in explaining its etymology. buy cipro online price of cipro One authority gives the following: " Apparently derived cipro online pharmacy from cat plus gut ; but as catgut does not seem ever to have been prepared from cat's intestine, the word is sup- posed to stand for kitgut, by confounding ' kit,' a little cat, with cipro hc " kit,' a fiddle." Another authority states that " so far as the name can be traced back, it distinctly means guts or intestines of the cat, though it is not known that these were ever used for the purpose. Some have conjectured a humor- ous reference cipro cheap to the resemblance of the sound (pro- duced on the fiddle by the gut) to caterwauling." Still another suggestion is that the name is a con- traction of ■■ cattle gut," as the word cattle, except in its modern usage, signified or included all " do- mestic quadrupeds which serve for tillage or other labor, or as food for man." Hence " cattle gut " might have been applied to the product made from the intestine of sheep, or of the horse, of the ass, or of the mule, from whicli animals one authority states it has been made. One of the few makers of the article cipro 250 in this coun- try asserts that the " word ' catgut ' was adopted by our Uncle Sam as a substitute for the Italian word ' gad,' which in English means, or is, the interbred between a sheep and a mountain goat." Another authority views the subject as follows : " How this name came to be applied to tJie strings it designates no one can explain. .Shakespeare, in an old copy of Cyvibelinc, alluded to horses' hairs and calves' guts, which in later editions is changed to cats' guts. In Bacon's Natural History men- cipro 250 mg tion cipro online is purchase cipro online made of strings of guts for a viol; but no early allusion to the buying cipro online intestine of the cat being used for the purpose cipro order is anywhere to be met with. The dulcet strains that are emitted by the organs of this animal all buy cheap cipro cease cipro 500mg with its life, and the viscera of the quiet sheep are almost exclusively used to draw forth from the harp, guitar, cost of cipro and viol those heavenly sounds which harmonize so little with the nature of the material which produces them." Sir George Grove, in a Dictionary of Music and Musicians, says : " The origin of the term catgut has not been traced. It is difficult not to believe it

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