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at a greater distance, to care for their Buy Crestor own consump- tives instead of sending them into the nearest large city for treatment, in this case Boston. For smaller cities and Crestor Cost towns this class system as a nucleus of an active campaign against tuberculosis has proved remarkably satisfactory and practicable. The ex- perience of some of What Is Rosuvastatin these places in starting this work, how Buy Cheap Crestor it began and how the campaign was managed, may prove helpful to other places con- templating such a move. Usually one or two physicians interested in the subject Rosuvastatin Calcium came to Boston and there attended some of the classes and saw exactly what was done : on their Fig. 1. — Tent properly put up on a roof (or the use of a consumptive patient. return they laid the matter Rosuvastatin 10 Mg before a meeting of the local medical society, which in turn, in order to get help outside the Crestor Online profession, endeavored to interest some other lay organization, such as a woman's club, a large church, a civic league, etc. A meeting was arranged, speakers provided to talk on tuber- culosis, usually some speaker from Boston was present to explain what was being done Generic Crestor in that city, and to urge their cooperation. Such meetings as these have always aroused great Purchase Crestor enthusiasm, and have resulted in a Crestor Tablets practical start. A committee of ways and means is usually appointed to form an Order Crestor antituberculosis society, or whatever it chooses to call itself, Cheap Crestor to solicit subscriptions, arrange for a nurse, a meeting place for the class, and to get the services of one Buy Crestor Online or two of the younger practitioners to take charge. There must be hearty cooperation of all charities and charitable institutions, medical or social, and physicians should agree to report all their cases of tuberculosis to the general secretary of Purchase Crestor Online the society. A tuberculosis class consists of a grouj) of con- sumptives, poor, but not so poor but thai each can live at home and attend strictly to the Inisiness of getting well. A large Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin degree of intelligence is not needed; the great requisite is courage — backbone — a determination to get well. Intelligence is a big asset, but not a necessary one. Alfnost any stage of the disease is ;inH-iiablc to class treatment, but to be successful llu' ni.-i j(irit\' al Icasi iniM be in September 14, 1907.] HAWES: TUBERCULOSIS CLASSES. 487 such an early stage that they improve rather than grow worse under careful treatment. The motto of every class should be " a large amount of care for a small number of patients." Compare this with the work usually done in Crestor Price the ordinary tuberculosis dispensary or district nursing association, where an amount of care Order Crestor Online and nursing, large in the aggregate, is spread over so many patients that the amount given to each individual is small indeed. The limit of any class should be twenty-five. Detailed per- sonal care cannot be given to a Crestor Mg larger number tham this. If need arises, form a new group, but do not enlarge the membership of any one class. The main features of this method are : 1. The keeping of home records by each patient. 2. Weekly meetings of the class as a whole. 3. \'isits in the homes of the patients by a nurse in charge of this work or bv volvmteer friendlv vis- In my own work, and there have been over two hundred patients who have kept these home records, there has never been any trouble. Careful inquiry has been made of all patients, men. women, and children of all ages, types, and temperaments, and in Rosuvastatin 10 no case has any one offered objections. Were the disease an incurable one. it would be different, but the majority of patients are getting better, and those who are not are cheered by the sight of oth- ers improving. When a patient gets so sick as to be a source of discouragement to others, he is too sick to attend class meetings, and hence has no bad effect. It requires careful teaching to get these records properly kept, but when well kept the amount of time and trouble they save is enormous, and the accurate insight they give of the patient's home life is a most essential factor in the treatment. The

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