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I. Home Records. The home record is simply a diary in a discount cymbalta 60 mg book made for the purpose, where on a page for a day a record .of temperature, pulse, and all the details as to food and home life discount cymbalta is kept. By means of this record, which is inspected every week, the doctor can keep in close touch with his patients. This is absolutely essential to success. The chief criticism that has been raised against the home sanatorium treatment, especially that part of it concerned with the keeping of records by the patients themselves, has been that it leads to too much introspection ; that this system of jotting dow-n pulse and temperature, of writing down all unfavorable symptoms, will surely make the patient nervous and neurasthenic, and so in the end do more harm than good. It is easy and perhaps nat- ural to offer such criticism, but it is hard to find facts to bear it out. Charles L. Minor, who first used this method, in a letter to the writer, speaks as follows regarding it : I was brought to devise this method by finding the difficulty of keeping closely in online cymbalta petition touch with the patients' lives, even if I saw them often. A day or two later generic cymbalta from canada they could not give me an accurate account of their doings ; also I failed to know of many occurrences which, while the patients miglit not think they bore on the case. had. nevertheless, important effects on its course. I have used the method now for about ten years, have had plenty of opportunity in test it, and have inquired, and still carefully inquire, of my patients of its effect on them. In a few I generic cymbalta 2013 find it desirable to stop it, these generally hc'ng very nervous patients who tend to introspection, but this is a very small pcrcciUagc; the majority (in- cluding discount prescription card cymbalta many doctors whose cymbalta discount prices personal cxpereincc should generic cymbalta available us have extra weight) have assured me that such records have helped cymbalta discount program them greatly to live strictly, have l)ecn in- teresting to them, and are a l;;rgc factor in generic cymbalta online careful teaching of methods r)f proper living. After a patient is fidly instructed. I generally stop ail record of temperature and eating, but may often keep up the life record. It is important to have pa- tients imderstnnil that rcport.s of things that alTect them melitally, like family worries, love affairs, financial troithic, etc., "ilnuild be noted, as otherwise they think one cymbalta 60 mg discount card only needs a report of physical happenings. buy online cymbalta Many say if is too much trouble: lull is no argmnent at all. though personally it •ijive-. generic cymbalta from india mr imnli trcviblc .md many (luestions. -Tent usod by a p;iti.iu in tli great trouble wiiii treating tuberculous patients in a dispensary without home records has been and still is that, be as einphatic and as painstaking as vou will with patients, even of a high order of in- telligence, you cannot find out what they do or do not do at liome, nor can they, try as they will, generic cymbalta pos- siblv remember. I am absolutely convinced as to the truth of this: and in the opinion of all who have used it this home record keeping is not oidy an aid, hut a necessity. How llie Home Keeonis Are Kef't. — Exactly what the keeping of " home records " means has been clearly ilescribed in Dr. C. S. Minors' original coninuinication on this subject, as well as m Dr. T. H. Pratt's cymbalta online pharmacy description of the Emanuel Church Class." To those who have not access to ,Mther of those articles a brief description is here given. The record bix)ks are of tough but pliable paper. It is recommended in every case that the b(X>ks he kept carefidly covered anil all records written in* Mriliiiil Jnuiiuil. n.'cr 21. inot. /i.i.fon »,iUml nnil Hurvtral Journal. Fi'lirimrj- :.'2. l"Ort. 4N,S l!.llil:S: lI'HItki. IJ.OSJS ( /..ISSRS. ink. i'lic sugi^csiioiis printed on the cover will help the patient to renioniber what he is to write, but more can be done by a few minutes' careful instruc- discount generic cymbalta tion than by anything else. A page is for a cymbalta discount card day. The patient writes his name and the nature of the weather in the place.« indicated. In the columns for temperature and generic cymbalta 60 mg pulse discount cymbalta coupons he purs down his observa- tions as he is told to take them — three or four times a day. In the column marked " food " he should

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