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indicate everything that he eats and the buying cytotec time at which he eats it, not merely " breakfast," " dinner," and " supper," but " a glass of milk, bowl of oat- meal, two eggs, cup of coffee, spoonful of oil," etc. The lunches taken between meals must also be re- corded as well as the time. Under "notes" he Kii;. A. — IlalcDii.v iiwil fill- sleeping pui'ijosus in Ibc ijoui- pait of Cambridge. The cytotec on line cytotec buy online co.-it of this was $11 : it was put up cytotec 200mcg by the landlord. This patipnt has gained over fifty pounds iti Dr. Pratt's ^I.Tss writes cytotec mg what is suggested in the printed directions; if he is doing well there is little to say, but the total amount of milk and oil, the number of hours out doors, cytotec cheap order cytotec online and the amouiit of sputum raised in twenty- four hours should be put at the bottom of each day'-^ record. If he is not doing so well, the exact nature of the trouble should be specified, such as " s!e])t poorly on accotmt of cough," " had a pain in my side to-day," or " felt tired and discouraged," etc. It buy cytotec shoulfl be explained that cytotec cost the rules for exercise apply only when exercise is allowed. There is danger that the writing of *hcsc notes may become a mere routine; some of our children, until we found it (jut. used to write up their " notes coluinn " for days ahead. This must be cytotec 200 mg carefullx' guarded against and tiie reason for writing the de- tails explained to the patient. The great majority of patieiUs. when they realize that this note keeping is purely for their cytotec 200 mcg own good, will cooperate si)len- didly. \Vith the children and the less intelligent, it is well to approach the matter gradually. The first cytotec 400 mg week get tlem to keej) tlicir tempcraUirc record only; the next purchase cytotec week adil cytotec price the pulse and csplain about the rest, anrl each week add a little more inilil lb. online pharmacy cytotec IVhat is Done at the Regular Class Meetings. where to buy cytotec — .\t the weekly online cytotec class meetings, the nurse or as- sistant prepares the room for the clinic, gets out the records, and as each patient appears takes the temperature, pulse, and weigh", and records it, with the date, on the patient's daily record Ijook. buy cheap cytotec When the doctor is ready he sees each patient in turn, and looks carefully over his Ikmiic record of the past week. The j^atient's hospital record cytotec order is rcadx- at hand and in it tein])crature, pulse, and weight are re- corded, with a brief suminary of the results of the past week, such as " Doing well and gaining wcighl," or ■' Appctilr poor: has coughed and

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