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IlOlSE. Stohies. Doiiblr house, standing apart. Tico stories and pitch-roof End to street. Face's northwest, attic. Balcony. Tabd. Xo. Ttco pia::as, hut neither Good What Is Dulcolax Tablets size at back and side 'I'liid fur sleeping purposes. of house. Sanit.\rt Dulcolax Coupon C'O-VDITIOXS. Dulcolax 10 Mg '■•'.Generic For Dulcolax back yard. Patient's Roo.\t. Good si:cd and airy, icith afternoon sun- Tico northeast, one north icest tcin- Age. Eighteen years (on Bisacodyl Dulcolax .July 16 1906). Number Occupies OF Rooms. Six (four chambers, kitchen Ticelve. parlor). IxiCAXiTi. Dust. Pleasant. Small, quiet street. Very little. HiSTOBr No Place and Date op Applica- tion. lion Length of Time in Present LOC.\TION. Two years. Bathroom. Tfone in house. Water closet in barn some fifty feet from house. Suppository Dulcolax OCCUP.VTION. Patient Dulcolax Suppositories has icorked in a box factory. Financial C'o.ndiiion. Father a farmer, who icorks on his father's farm near by, earning (10 weekly. DlSI1)SAL OF Dulcolax Powder SlTTU.M. INTELLIGENCE OF PATIENT. Dulcolax Balance Coupon Uses paper napkins. Ordinary amount. Family History. Father and mother both healthy and come of healthy people. Xo tuberculosis in family till the sister's case, which mother feels icas broiir/ht on by nrghcted health. Dulcolax Printable Coupon Date of Joining Cuss. Date of Nurse's Dulcolax Generic Visit. July 6, 1906. Remarks. Patient says at first she has decided to give up the treatment. Fiels better and does not think it necessary to go on. She finally promises to make a new beginning to-morrow. Inclined to lack pcrscrerance, and though mother is Laxatives Dulcolax anxious to have her follow rules, she does Dulcolax Products not seem to be able to make her do so. Patient can have plentii of milk and eggs, Printable Dulcolax Coupons as they have hens and milk from grandfather's farm. Record Dulcolax Usa of Other Cases. .1 sister died in May in room note occupied by patient. Number in Family. Eight: Buy Dulcolax father, mother, patient, girl of fif- teen, three little Generic Dulcolax boys, girl of one year. Habits. Diet, with Amount of Milk Dulcolax Laxatives Taken. Three meals a day, two quarts milk and three eggs. Personal History. Flas been delicate for Dulcolax Bisacodyl last two j/f
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