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duct ; and yet he admits " that floating kidney by itself and without intervention of gallstones may produce severe cholecystitis, and obliteration of the gallbladder is a fact proved by purchase endep one of the cases to be (by him) narrated, and it is. I think, a fact which is not generally admitted endep tablets by generic endep physicians. purchase endep online . . . At any rate, the connection between float- ing and misplaced kidney with biliary obstruction is an important one, and in order that treatment may be properly directed it deserves to be borne in mind." The " probability " of Mayo Robson must ere long become a certainty; and the importance of recognizing this endep 50mg condition, before stasis and stone formation has begun must be appreciated. Case II. — Roosevelt Out Patient Department. Mrs. M. McK., thirty years of age, married eleven years, tertiapara ; for three to four months has had pain of cramp like nature in the lower scapular re- gion and right side. Abdomen was distended; she belched gas, suffered from indigestion, and at times from epigastric pain. endep tablets 10mg Examination on March 15, 1900, showed the right kidney palpable for two buy endep buy endep online inches, with much tenderness in hypochondrium. Diagnosis : Gall- stone colic vs. movable kidney. Treatment: For a time she wore an abdominal binder and later was fitted with a special corset, which gave relief from all endep 10 symptoms. Case III.— Mrs. S. S., buy cheap endep twenty-seven years of age, married four years, no children, weighing 115 pounds; referred by Dr. Roy Inglis, Jersey City, N. J. Last May .her liver had been enlarged, with marked jaun- dice, and said to be due endep 25 mg to gallstones. order endep online At this time (January 12, 1900) she was suffering with pain in the lower scapular and sacral region, and along the right loin; much backache; patient was very irritable and nervous; also annoyed by regvirgitation of gas. Examination showed the liver somewhat enlarged; the right kidney palpable ten ctm. below the costal bor- der, not wholly replaceable. Diagnosis: Jaundice due to kidney prolapse. Treatment : Corset. Case IV. — Mrs. \'., multipara, seen in consultation with Dr. T. F. Kelly, November 18, 1902; had been suffering from pain at the end of the scapula, and suffered from nausea and vomiting, for several days. Examination showed the right kidney, 3 by 6 inches, five inches below the chondral border, the hiliim di- rected almost anteriorly, but could not be wholly re- placed on account of its large size. The abdominal wall was moderately fat, very lax, with epigastric flat- tening. The endep 10 mg lower border of the stomach was one and one half inches below the umbilicus. .\ heavy bandage was adjusted, the foot of the bed elevated, and in a few days the jaundice disappeared. She has worn a special corset ever since, without any more attacks. Case V. — Mrs. E. \V.. twcnty-lwo years of age, one child, five months old. Patient was seen in consultation for Dr. S. F. Brothers. She complained of burning in her chest and right side; could not lie down, must sit up doubled on herself. She had been ill for tlie past four months, skin had been jaundiced one week. Examina- tion: lanuary 26, 1904, the right kidney endep 25 was found endep 50 half way below the border of the ribs; palpation caused pain at the sternal junction of the fourth rib on the right of the same nature as she experienced dunng an attack; lower border of the stomach was two inches below the umbilicus. Diagnosis: Jaundice due to post partum kidney prolapse. Treatment: Rose's plaster' applied. endep 25mg February isth, five days ago, she had had a severe attack with nausea and vomit- ing, and pain in the gallbladder region, so severe at 2 a. m. as to require morphine. This attack was due to loosening of the plaster, which was reapplied the next day : in spite of which she had another attack the next night, coming on very suddenly, and vomited six times, though she was in bed most of the time endep 10 tablets up to -March 27th, when the corset was put on, which has been worn ever since without any more attacks {Neiv York Medical Journal, April 25, order endep 1905). C.\SE \T.— Mrs. A. D., tertiipara, last child three weeks old, seen in consultation for Dr. E. V. Hubbard, Deceniber 15, 1904. Since the baby was born she had experienced almost daily chills, sweats, fever, flushing of the face, endep 10mg a belt sensation at the waist, draggino- a^t the navel, pain in the back and sacral, right iliac, "and pelvic regions, and umbilical areas, which came' and went. Patient was extremely nervous, apprehensive, and despondent. Examination: Skin and conjunctiva were found to be tinged; abdomen was distended, omental umbilical hernia, right kidney was prolapsed^ and had swung toward the navel; it was replaceable; lovyer border of stomach was located below the um- bilicus; uterus was displaced to the left; there were protruding internal haemorrhoids; aciduria. Diagnosis: Post partum malaria, with jaundice due to prolapsed right kidney. Treatment: The mechanical part of the treatment consisted in reduction of the hernia and ap- plication of a flat pad over the opening, held in place by a rubber plaster {Iiiteruational Clinics, ii, 16 series, 1906) ; Rose's plaster strapping to the abdomen after postural replacement ; and appropriate drugs, diet, etc. But it was some months before she regained her health, in spite of the abdominal support of a corset which she said she could not live without.

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