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ING SUGARS * Fehling"s test, it mav become of material value in By Stanley R. Benedict. establishing the presence or absence of sugars in New Haven, Conn.. solutions contaming other reducing substances (from tnc metneia Laboratory 01 P,ysio,oaicai CHe,ni.try. ^^hich would interfere With the ordmarv Fehhng Tale vniiersitu.) procedure, and is delicate enough tor nian\ pur- If a one per cent, dextrose solution is boiled for poses. a few moments with half its volume of a ten per Particular attention is called to tJie tact men- cent, solution of sodium or potassium hvdroxide it tioned in the foregoing that sodium hydroxide de- almost completelv loses the power of cost of erythromycin 500mg reducing Feh- stroys the reducmg power of glucose much more ling's solution. Similar treatment of a lactose solu- rapidly than does the corresponding carbonate, tion vields a solution capable of reducing Fehling's From this it may be inferred that where very small fluid 'instantaneously in the cold. Through the sub- amounts of dextrose are present, or where some stitution of carbonate for hvdroxide in these online erythromycin ex- substance is present which temporarily intertere. buy cheap erythromycin periments solutions capable of reducing Fehling's with the reduction of the copper solution, a reagent fluid in the cold arc obtained in both cases. cheap erythromycin in which the alkahnity is secured bv means ot so- The foregoing results lead to the following con- dium carbonate instead ot the hydroxide snouin elusions: i. It is not the sugars themselves which how much does azithromycin cost prove more satisfactory. ^ ^.u- n reduce so strenuouslv in alkaline solution, this re- Experimental investigations bear out Uiis con- ducing action being' due to some new compound elusion. Upon careful application behlings te*t formed from the carbohydrate as a result of the will indicate the presence ot dextrose in pure aque- action of the alkali. 2. The alkali hydroxides have ous solutions containing o.ooi pcr cent, or more 01 a destructive action upon sugars, particularly upon this sugar. Applied to the urine. behUng s test wiii dextrose. 3. Sodium carbonate cost erythromycin ophthalmic ointment is not average cost erythromycin so d'estruc- detect sugar when present up to or in excess 01 one tive to dextrose as is the corresponding hvdroxide. tenth of one per cent., but not less. 4. Under certain conditions (e. g., boiling with al- price erythromycin gel By the use of copper solution m which the alka- kaH), which completelv destroys the' reducing Unity is secured by means ot alkah carbonate in- power of dextrose, lactose yields 'a substance capa- stead of hydroxide, dextrose mav ""eadiODe ae- ble of reducing Fehling's fluid in the cold. tected in pure solutions containing o.oooo:, per The preceding facts are capable of application to cent, of this sugar. Lnnes containing dextrose analytical work. Thus lactose can be detected in yield a positive reaction when the sugar present the presence of dextrose; or it is possible to distin- equals or exceeds 0.0013 per cent., tlie re^uit^ u.mi- guish between solutions of these substances. The ally being more positive than those obtained %. itn procedure is as follows. To five to ten cuiiic cen- Fehling's solution in the presence cost erythromycin topical of ten tunt^ the timetres of the solution to be tested is added one amount of sugar. half volume of a 10 per cent, potassium hvdroxide A Neti> Method for the Detection of Sug.i.n, tspe- solution, and price erythromycin india the resulting mixture boiled vigorous- cially in Urine. ly for about a minute and a half. The solution fhe solutions used arc is then cooled to room temperature and adderl c ■ .• .\ i to an equal volume of Fehling's fluid, .\linost in- Crystallized copper sulphate, 69.3 gmmmes; stantaneous formation of a heavy, bright yellow pre- Distilled water to 1,000.0 c.c. cipitate indicates lactose. Dextrose under similar Solution B.' price erythromycin ophthalmic ointment conditions has lost most or all of its reducing power. p^^^^ Roclu-lle salt Mbo Rrammes : The sf)lutions purchase erythromycin used for this test order erythromycin should contain be- .Vnhydrous sodium carlwnate jooo grammes : twcen 0.5 and i.o )Kr cent, of the sugar. It is not bistilled water to 1.000.0 c.c. a particularly delicate reaction and will not give Por use solutions .\ and R are mixed in cqtial definite results where the amount of is under proportions and the mixture diluted with three 25.0 per cent, of the total sugar present. times its volum e of distilled water.' To about six Since very few substances besides sugars will < m.- «oiiiiion r ti«riiitfltrcost erythromycin mixture of • ilih iinper .-..11111111. 11 l.i l.-f Kiimninry of nn InTMIInallon aolullnn A nnd wilull.m U In illlule
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