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INSTRUCTIONS TO THOSE HAVING CHANCROIDS. By Victor C. Pedersen, A, M., M. D., New York. (icnitouilnaiy Sui'genn to the Outpatient Department of the New York Hospital and the House of Itellef. Preventive medicine concerns two elements : First, that of checking extension of a given disease from one victim to others, innocent persons ; and, second, that of avoiding complications in a given attack by the femara cost best possible femara online mode of treatment, the greatest watchfulness by the physician, and the most intel- ligent care by the patient founded upon suitable in- structions from the doctor. The venereal diseases are the most common of all diseases in the community and sooner or later at?ect the largest proportion of the community, not excluding even the children in the sum total. It is a lamentable fact that of the genitourinary dispen- saries in New York city only three publish circu- lars of instruction to the patients, showing buy femara online just what are the dangers of these diseases, the aims of treatment to be reached, and such outlines of the treatment as the patient should carry forward. The ideals of our cheap femara profession in its specializations and in its broadest practice are to protect the inno- cent, to promote the health of the community, and to instruct the ignorant and the unsuspecting, as well as to cure the atflicted and diseased. The for- mal and persistent instruction as to tuberculosis, concerning its cure and its prevention, which is now- being femara price given by schools, charity organizations, labor unions, hospitals, and health boards, will soon bear fruit in a decrease of this scourge of humanity. The acme of benefit may even be extinction of tu- berculosis during the next century. Similarly for- mal, careful, consistent, and persistent instruction femara tablets as to venereal diseases in the form of printed mat- ter, making impossible buy cheap femara any mistakes or omissions by the patient in his ignorance or by the purchase femara doctor in the stress of his crowded office or clinic hours, will be femara mg productive of much greater respect by the com- munity for these dangerous and common diseases. of more intelligent care as to obeying the directions of the doctor in their treatment, and of fuller pro- tection of the innocent order femara online husbands, wives, and chil- dren. The fulfillment of this ideal is well worthy of our best eiiforts as order femara progressive medical men. As great an authority as Professor Fournier in his work on the Prophylaxis of Syphilis, states that such circulars are necessary, advisable, and con- venient, and gives therein a form suitable for the victims of syphilis. The writer had the responsibility of preparing those circulars which are in use at the genitourinary and venereal clinics of the New York Hospital, and has found purchase femara online them of the greatest possible value to the patients of his classes at the hospital and the House of Relief, so that each individual receives in printed form directions as to what to rlo for himself ami for tile iiroteclion of others. TIk- merit and value of the circulars seem to war- rant their publication and discussion. Tlie follow- ing are the main ]ioints and the epitome of the cir- cular issued to those having chancroid : 'ihe patient should receive information on the point that this disease jiasscs under several names ill order to prevent ccmfusion in his mind arising S^MJttTiiljei- 3 4, 1907.] PEDERSEN: CHANCROIDS. 501 from apparently different diagnoses by various physicians. The circular should, therefore, state that the disease is called not only chancroid, but also eating chancre, soft chancre, soft sore, hair cut, chafe, simple chancre, simple sore, nonincubatorv chancre or nonincubatorv sore, noninfecting chan- cre, and noinfecting sore. Thus it will be possible for the patient to understand that a sore which dif- ferent doctors call by any of generic femara the foregoing names is one and the same disease. The next matter of value to the buy femara patient is specific instruction along general lines as to the nature of the disease. He should know that its tendency is

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