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503 had elapsed. (Seventy-two hours being the time required for the Hgature to Flonase Coupons Printable cut through.) Any place beyond the 35 cm. limit the dogs lived unless infected. This place in the intestine, Maury named the lethal line. Flonase Discount All of the dogs showed tetanoid symptoms, which fact bears out the clinical observa- Purchase Flonase Online tion that in dilatation of the stomach, which is noth- ing more or less than an obstruction high up in the Flonase Generic Price intestine, tetany frequently develops. Our textbooks and writers upon the subject of intestinal obstruction do not make a distinction, or rather a difterentiaticn. in regard to the prognosis and the time of a fatal termination of an obstruc- tion due to a simple stricture, tumor, adhesions, or an ileus in which we have a loop of bowel involved. This, I think, is a most important distinction and one which has Generic Flonase Nasal Spray interested me very much since study- ing the Flonase Alternatives experiments of Albarran Flonase Acne and Caussade along this line. By their experiments they have proved quite conclusively that the poisons which arise in a strangulated loop are more virulent than when only one part of the intestine is compressed. These investigators operated in Flonase Ns twenty dogs, di- viding them into two lots of ten each. In the first ten a simple ligature of the intestine was done. The dogs lived on an average of seven days. In the sec- ond ten, a double ligature of the bowel was done. This shut off a loop of the bowel and produced a closed cavity. These dogs succumbed in from twen- ty-four to forty-eight hours. The loop became dis- tended with gas and liquid, and the surrounding peritonaeum showed signs of an intense inflamma- tion. The Flonase Generic Name dogs with the single ligature showed but a slight peritoneal irritation, and the microorganisms from Buy Generic Flonase above the constriction, when injected into guinea pigs, caused their death only after about ten davs. The bacteria from the dogs in whose intes- tine a closecl cavity had been produced by the use of a double ligature, were much more virulent, killing the guinea pigs in forty-eight hours. We know that there are always present, in the intestinal tract, many virulent bacteria which lie dormant or are rendered inert by the intestinal secre- tions, but which may give rise to Order Flonase Online serious trouble when the conditions are favorable for their growth. It is upon this theory that Dieulafoy has formu- lated his conclusions regarding the Flonase 0.05 aetiology of ap- pendicitis. He believes that the anatomical build- of the appendix favors the formation of a closed cavity, in which are elaborated intense poisons by the imprisoned microorganisms, and from this sep- tic focus a general infection and intoxication takes place. It is not necessary to have the circuiaton shut off in a loop of intestine to get these symptoms, but if the constriction is sufficient Flonase Generic Cost to impede liic progress of the intestinal contents, we got the pathological changes in the walls and the intensified virulency of the microorganisms enclosed. What takes pla(^e in a part which has thus be- come constricted? The constriction causes an ob- Cheap Flonase struction to the venous outflow, producing thereby a slowing of the l)l(x>d in the veins and capillaries Alternative To Flonase of the loop. This causes a rise in the blood pressure in the p.irl. and an increased ninouni of senun is Iiouri'il iiiU into the inlcncllular sp;\ces, also into the lumen of tin- ImiuiI. .1111! I'li 111 its ncrii(Flonase Canada stran- gulation. The imprisoned bacteria become more virulent, Flonase Generic Equivalent and the changes, which have occurred in the walls of the intestine, allow them to pass out into the neighboring tissues with more ease, the result being a peritonitis by propagation and not by per- foration. In a simple occlusion or one in which there is no closed cavity formed, tlie changes in the wall of Flonase Nasal Spray Generic the bowel do not occur so rapidly and the contained microorganisms are not so virulent. The walls do not become permeable to the microorganisms so soon. The results of the experiments of Klecke and Claude coincide with those of Albarran and Caus- sade, strengthening the belief that bacteria, in a closed cavity, become changed biologically, increased in virulency, and become capable of traversing the intestinal walls. For instance, the colon bacillus. which is ordinarily found Flonase Rxlist throughout the intestinal canal, is an inert parasite, when shut up in an ap-

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