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ported a case simulating angina pectoris, in which September 14, 1007.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 505 the symptoms appeared to be connected with the presence of taenia in Buy Geodon Online the intestines. The patient also had arteriosclerosis, to which the angina had been attributed ; but the facts that the symptoms, in spite of their gravity, did not take away the patient's appe- tite, and that they often were absent after a meal, joined to the circumstance that the patient had re- cently visited Finland, where he had frequently eaten fish, led to a microscopical examination of his stools, in which numerous eggs of bothriocephalus were found. It was decided to administer male fern ; but without a thought of relieving the angina, which was supposed to be due to coronary arteriosclerosis. The reporter, therefore, was astonished to see all Order Geodon the cardiac symptoms disappear completely and definite- ly, after the expulsion of five specimens of Tania bothriocephalus. — Through Le Bulletin medical, July 20, 1907. Treatment of Acne and Chronic Eczema. — Boggs observes that the local treatment of acne con- sists in the removal of comedones, infiltrates, and abscesses. The employment of Order Ziprasidone Online sulphur and ichthyol soaps and hot water accomplishes the removal of ex- cessive fat and opens the follicles so that their con- tents can be evacuated. Subsequent vigorous scal- ing of the skin is of use, and may be carried out by means Purchase Geodon of resorcin or naphthal paster or by painting with tincture of iodine or iodine glycerin. The Rontgen rays remove the comedones and usually this takes place during the first few treatments ; it is most likely due to the first or stimulating actions of the rays. Following this, Buy Ziprasidone there is marked desquama- tion, and, thirdly, a decrease in the size of the sebaceous gland. The first two effects of the rays can usually be accomplished by medication and will generally cure the mild cases, but medication has little or no effect in decreasing the overactive seba- ceous glands. In pustular acne, the rays seem to have a fourth action on the staphylococci by render- ing the soil inert. In eczema internal treatment is important in Buy Geodon a certain percentage of cases, but as a large majority of patients suffering from eczema are in jicrfect health, and the disease is due to some local cause, local treatment only is necessary. Order Ziprasidone Among the local measures which may be employed are drugs with which all physicians are familiar, and physical agents. Of these, radiant energy is probably the most efficient. The rays are certainly not indicated in the acute forms of eczema, unless it Buy Ziprasidone Online be to relieve the pruritus which cannot be con- trolled by other remedies, and in most forms of sub- acute eczema. But in many chronic and rebellious cases which resist otlier therapeutical agents the x Purchase Ziprasidone rays have proved efficient. The effects of the rays are most marked in s(|uamous eczema, since it is more chronic and less liable to yield to other forms of treatment. It requires more intense radiation to relieve the ])ruritus in papular eczema, and there is a greater tendency to recurrence than in any other form of the licatiCheap Geodon In the Aiuiales de I'lnstitut Pasteur (April, 1907), Sabrazes and ]\Iercandier report the results of experiments made to determine the bactericidal eft'ect of wine, and to ascertain if its reputation as re- gards the bacillus of Eberth is sustained by experi- ence. Buy Cheap Ziprasidone These specialists in bacteriology gave the following deductions from their investigations: Wines Generic Ziprasidone kept for a long time in bottles are sterile, while those that are kept in jugs, from which small quantities are daily used, contain bacteria. It is remarked, however, that whereas the wine in bottles is absolutely sterile for Purchase Ziprasidone Online pathogenic germs of man, there are numerous exceptions for the pathogenic germs of the wine itself, when the bottles have not been pasteurized. On account of this general con- dition of asepsis, the wines kept for a long time in bottles may be utilized by surgeons and accoucheurs, in cases of emergency, in the absence of other anti- septics, which by the way has been the habit for a long time of certain country physicians. Pure wines were found to exercise a powerful bactericidal eft'ect on Eberth's bacillus, but this action naturally varies

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