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malign action, and was made chiefly in the United States. When we Glycomet Gp2 commented on this gentleman's supposed discovery, we gave it as our impression — an impression to which we still hold — that more red rubber was used in the United Kingdom than in the United Glycomet 500mg States. So far as we have observed, there has not been forthcoming a particle of evidence to show that there was any real foundation for the red rubber theory. Now another English surgeon, Mr. William Henry Battle, of St. Thomas's Hospital, London, in a clin- ical lecture entitled Stricture and Traumatism Glycomet Tablet of the Vermiform Glycomet 850 Mg Appendix, with a Note -on Foreign Bodies in the Appendix (Lancet, August 24th), sur- mises that American " white Glycomet 250 flour," passed between fluted iron rollers, often gives rise to the lodgment in the appendix of particles of iron detached from the rollers. We are bound to say that Mr. Battle does not appear to lay great stress on this supposition, though he certainly traces a connection between the use of " white flour," which he seems Buy Metformin Online to think Glycomet 1gm rather a new thing, and the increased frequency with which, as he maintains, appendicular inflammation has oc- curred of late years. He says : A statement was recently made on the authority of an American physician in an English paper that appendicitis was caused by white flour. The reasons given were the following: When Glycomet 500 white milled flour was introduced into the cities of a certain State, appendicitis began to be prev- alent, but it was not yet found in the country. As it be- came cheaper it was introduced into the villages and ap- pendicitis became common there, yet the negroes escaped. When, however, the flour became so cheap that it was more profitable to buy it than to grind the corn at home, then negroes began to suffer from appendicitis. We wonder how far back it was Glycomet Price that " white flour " was introduced into " a certain State." Certainly we cannot remember the time when it was not the staple breadstuff in this country, and our memory goes back far beyond the time when disease of the vermiform appendix received the attention of the profession. Mr. Battle says " com," but in Great Britain that is the generic Glycomet Gp name for grain, and we see no reason to doubt that he means wheat. It may be that in some of our States it is only within com- paratively recent years that the general use of wheat flour has superseded that of maize meal, but it is quite certain that the more populous portions of the country have used fine " white " wheat flour as the material for making almost all their bread for at least more than half Glycomet Tablets a century, that is, from a time far antedating any definite knowledge of disease of the vermiform Glycomet Gp1 appendix among the medical profes- sion in general. Editorially the Lancet seems to make more Glycomet Sr of Mr. Battle's conjecture than he does himself. " If this explanation be correct," it says, " we should Glycomet Gp 2 expect to find iron particles in the centre of appendical con- cretions, and so we do." Apparently the statement " so we do " rests on nothing but the fact of Mr. Bat- tle's having found " an irregular fragment of iron " in such a concretion, which does not in the least prove the case against American flour. Who can say where that fragment of iron came from? Glycomet 850 As a matter of fact, the steel rollers used in flouring mills do not Glycomet 500 Sr shed fragments. The whole story is that of a mare's nest, but almost anything may serve as a peg on which to hang an aspersion of American products, and, Glycomet Sr 500 according to press dispatches, the Lancet's article has already led to talk in Austria of excluding American flour, but the Austrians will never do so Buy Metformin for any such reason as may be deduced from this yarn. It is true that steel rollers have superseded millstones, and it is well that they have. As we have said, they do not shed particles of steel, whereas it is notorious that the old fashioned millstones did part with fragmcirts of their substance to Glycomet 500 Mg such an extent that they had to be rcciit fre(|iicntly. Now, neither Mr. Battle nor the September 14. 1907.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 507 Lancet, as we understand, contends that there :5 any- thing toxic in particles of iron ; thej^ are held to act only as foreign bodies, and such also are pieces of stone taken into the digestive tract. But even if what we have said were not true, the use of steel rollers in flouring mills is not confined to the United States. Rollers for milling flour were first employed in Hungary, but they were originally

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