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made of porcelain. Now the porcelain rollers have everywhere been superseded by Grifulvin V 500 rollers of steel, which are used in all countries where the production of wheat Griseofulvin Online flour is extensive, including many South American countries. France. Germany, Hungary, and England. It is the height of absurdity to impute Buy Grifulvin Online the prevalence of Generic Griseofulvin disease of the vermiform appendix to the use of American flour. THE PERSISTENT NEEDS OF SAN FR.\N- CISCO. When the metropolis of the Pacific Coast was sud- denly stricken with earthquake and conflagration, a year and a half ago, we expressed our apprehension that sanitary defects more or Buy Griseofulvin less dependent on Buy Cheap Griseofulvin the calamity would arise and be likely to persist for a long time. The fears which we entertained at that time have proved to be well founded. The August number of the Pacific Medical Journal calls atten- tion pointedly to some of the urgent needs of the city from the sanitary point of view. The most pressing perhaps is that of an adequate supply of potable water. Our contemporary points out that there is an abundance Order Griseofulvin Online of as Buy Griseofulvin Online pure water as is to be found in the world going to waste from rivers and mountain water Where To Buy Griseofulvin sheds not far away from San Fran- cisco. The streets devoted to traffic are beset with pit- falls and open trenches that make many of them " dangerous to pedestrians and almost impassable to vehicles without breaking a wheel or an axle." Some of the asphalt pavements on the hills are rendered perilously slippery by the drippings from motor car- riages. The filth of the streets is daily stirred up by the wind and by dry sweeping, imbuing the atmos- phere witli pathogenic germs, garbage is not prop- erly collected and disposed of, and the sewers re- quire immediate reconstruction. Above all, a new Purchase Griseofulvin hospital, tlioroughly modern in construction and equipment, should be built on the site of the old City and County Hospital, not at a distant point on the outskirts of the city, as seems to be contemplated. V'crily the needs of San Francisco are many and urgent, and there has now l)ccn added to lier perils an outbreak of the Oriental plague. That disease will in all probai)ility lie mastered speedily, but we cannot close our eyes to Grifulvin V the fact tliat danger of its spreading exists. THE FERMENTATION OF GLUCOSIDES BY BACTERIA OF THE TYPHOID COLON GROUP. The close resemblance of the members of those groups of bacteria which are called the colon group, the typhoid group, or the tjphoid colon group to each other is well known by all who do anv work in bacteriology. While there are characteristic dif- ferences enough between the organisms at the ex- tremes of the series, the intermediate members dif- fer from each other only in ven,' minute details. One of the methods of distinguishing these organisms is Buy Grifulvin V by their action on various sugars, saccharose, glucose, and lactose being the three sugars Buy Grifulvin Purchase Griseofulvin Online most fre- quently used for the separation of species. Twort (Proceedings of the Royal Society. Ixxix. B. 532) has studied the members of this group of organisms from the point of view of their behavior when grown in media containing a great variety of glucosides. Forty-nine glucosides were tested with eighteen species of bacteria belonging to the typhoid colon group. The organisms were grown in the or- dinary peptone water medium containing two per cent, of the glucoside to be tested. A number of interesting results were obtained. The author found that a large number of glucosides might be fer- mented by Grifulvin V Micr many members of the group, that the fermentations varied with the microorganism tested, and that the variations were as marked inside each subgroup Griseofulvin Buy of bacteria as between adjacent subgroups. The most important result of the study is the de- velopment of the fact that the sugar fermenting [K)wers of a given organism may be Order Griseofulvin artificially changed by growing the organism for a succession of generations in media containing a sugar which, at the beginning of the experiment, it was unable to ferment. By this means a pathogenic organism may be altered until it gives fermentative reactions char- acteristic of a nonpathogenic member of its group. . It is possible, indeed, that pathogenic organisms in this group may become so altered in their charac- teristics that they are unrecognizable when grown for some time outside the body, as in soil, water, etc. It also seems possible that a nonpathogenic organism may lose its fermenting powers and be- come pathogenic should it find a suitable medium, such as the alimentary canal, and regain its old characters when outside the body. Although it may not have been said aloud, many observers have iiad a sort of conviction or suspicion that the members of this higiily interesting and most

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