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pharynx or oesophagus, and immediately expelled. In ■' sialophagy' " the air is carried into the stomach with saliva, and, retained there, may produce disten- tion of this organ, which may extend to the intes- tines. In such cases, it may produce, mechanically, respiratory or cardiac functional disorder. From time to time the stomach suddenly contracts ibuprofen mg and ex- pels a portion through the oesophagus by the process of belching, or eructation. Hayem considers this matter of importance chiefly as revealing the existence of a nervous disturbance which in the course of time may develop into some serious condition, or, in fact, as acting as the pre- cursor of dosage ibuprofen some other derangement, which in charac- ter would be more general and more complex. The early recognition of motrin is ibuprofen its pathogeny should therefore lead ibuprofen and motrin to the adoption of a regimen directed to the re- lief of the underlying pathological condition, in or- acetaminophen with ibuprofen der to prevent the evolution of some graver affection which would be dosage for ibuprofen far less amenable to dosage of ibuprofen treatment. THE CANADIAN JOURNAL OF ibuprofen use MEDICINE AND .SURGERY. In its September 600 ibuprofen issue our excellent Toronto con- temporary publishes articles of special interest in connection with the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association, which was held in Montreal this week, freely and effectively illustrated. The other contents, Um, are nf sterling merit. The ap- pearance of the inniil)ei' advil and ibuprofen is very handsome. .Sn>t'tnl)ei- 14, 1907.] XEIVS ITEMS. 509 BclDS Ittms. Typhoid Fever in Harrisburg, Pa — An epidemic of ty- phoid fever in Harrisburg. Pa., uf small proportions, has been traced to a dairy. The Eichmond, Va., Academy of Medicine and Surgery. — The programme for a meeting of this academy, held acetaminophen or ibuprofen on Tuesday evening, Septemljer loth, inchided a paper on Municipal Sanitation, by Dr. E. C. Levy. The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania is plan- ning to erect a new hospital building and operating theatre on the ground next to the college in Philadelphia. The hospital building is to be six stories in height dose ibuprofen and the oper- ating theatre dose of ibuprofen is tn be a two story building. The Medical Society dose for ibuprofen of the Borough of the Bronx — The programme for a meeting of advil ibuprofen this society, held on Wednesday evening, September nth, included the follow- ing paper: Some Cases of Homicidal Mania and ^^o^al Degeneracy, by H. Gerald Chapin, I.. L. M., counsel of the society. ibuprofen and acetaminophen Discussion opened by Dr. William G. Eynon. The Memphis and Shelby County (Tenn.) Medical So- ciety — .\t a meeting of this society, held on Tuesday even- ing. September 3rd. the following programme was pre- sented: The Treatment of Burns, Dr. W. F. Clary, Jr.; Results of Twii Trephining Operations, Dr. Edwin Wil- liams: report of trephining operations. Dr. W. T. Black. The Medical Society of the State of ibuprofen motrin Pennsylvania will hold ibuprofen acetaminophen its annual meeting at Reading, on September 2,5-26, 1907, under the presidency of Dr. Isaac C. Gable, of York. Dr. use of ibuprofen Cyrus L. Stevens, of .Athens, is secretary. The House of Delegates will hold its first session on Monday evening. Septembvr J.ird, at S o'clock. Charitable Bequests — By the will of .Mary A, Krieg, of Philadelphia, the following bequests are made: $500 to the Chestnut Hill Hospital. $500 to the Orphans' Home and Asylum for the .\ged and Infirm of the Evangelical Luth- eran Church, Germantown ; $500 to the German Hospital, $300 to the Germantown Dispensary and Hospital and In- firmary. New Miners' Hospital at Shamokin, Pa A commission appointed by (iovernor Stuart, of Pennsylvania, met at Shamokin, on the 4th inst., to discuss plans for the erection of a new hospital at that place. The commission is com- posed of W. C. McConnell, president: C. C. Leader, treas- urer; J. C Steel, secretary; and C. W. Witmer, F. .K. God- charles, John T. (;ibl)ons. and V. R. Reinhardt. For the Care of a Leper — The city coimcil of Harris- burg, Pa., has decided to allow an eight roomed frame cot- tage to be erected on the grounds of the Harrisburg Hos- pital, for the care of Mock Seni, a victim of leprosy. The city will pay half the cost of the building and of the main- tenance of the patient, and the State Department of Health

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