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(Tity) ; Buffalo Medical Club; New Haven, Conn., Medical Association. Tfuksuav. September rgth. — German Medical Society, Brooklyn ; Newark, N. J., Medical and Surgical So- ciety ; /Esculapian Club of BufTalo. N. Y. Friday, September soth.- — Clinical Indocin High Society of the New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital ; New York Microscopical Society; P.ronklyn Mcdic.Tl .'>iicicty. September 14, 1007.] PITH OF CURREXT LITERATURE. pit^ xrf Currtnt l^itfralurt. THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL September 5, Indocin Generic 1907. 1. Some General Considerations Regarding Tumors, By W. T. Councilman. 2. Stenosis of the Pylorus in Infancy, "By Ch.MJLES L. SctTDDER. 3. Lead Poisoning in a Rural Community. By William X. Cowles. 2. Stenosis of the Pylorus in Infancy. — Scudder, Indocin Suppository in speaking of the operation for stenosis of the pylorus in infancy, says that the abdominal wall is extremely thin. The abdomen may be opened unexpectedly. The liver Indocin 25 Mg is Indocin Iv large. The median incision will be Generic Indocin best made both above and below and to the left of the umbilicus. The incision should be large rather than small, perhaps three inches long. The Indocin Injection small opening necessitates greater handling Indocin Pda of the abdominal contents. The little larger opening enables the operator to secure the jejunum very readily without Order Indocin the trauma of much handling. Nothing should be removed outside the abdomen Indocin 25mg ex- cepting the parts to be Indocin Tablets operated on. the stomach's pos- terior wall and the jejunum. The great omentum, con- taining little or no fat tissue, is drawn upward as a thin film from over the intestines. Care should be exercised lest the very transparent and veil like gastrocolic omen- tum be incised too vigorously and the stomach wall it- self suffer by being nicked by the knife. The mesentery of the jejunum is short in proportion to the width of the gut as compared with the adult mesentery, conse- quently it is with difficulty at times that the intestine can be brough forward to the anterior stomach wall for an anterior gastroenterostomy without constricting the Buy Indocin transverse colon unduly. The stoma in the in- fant's intestine should be from three fourths to one inch long when sutured. If a very large stoma is made, obstructive difficulties may be caused by the wall of the gut opposite the stoma blocking its lumen, as suggested first by C annon. .•\fter suture, the parts are returned to their natural places so far Indocin Suppositories as possible, the jejunum to the left of the spine. In closing the abdominal wound no attempt should be made to close by layers. Through and through sutures of silkworm gut arc satisfactory. These sutures should not be drawn too tight, for the suture cuts its way through the young skin readily. Some one has suggested that these sutures be tied over bits of tiny rubber tubing to prevent them cutting the skn. In placing the sutures the needle should avoid wounding the large vessels of the suspensory ligament of the liver which may lie very close to the right edge of the wound. The- sutured wound is covered with a gauze .sponge, and the abdomen is supported by two or three narrow straps of zinc oxide adhesive plaster. Traction on the sutures is reduced Indocin Headache thus to a min'mum. The Indocin Sr 75 positif>n of these plasters mav lie changed to avoid their chafing the skin. An ordinary binder helps to support Indocin Vs Ibuprofen the nbilonicn. 3. Lead Poisoning in a Rural Community. Indocin For Pda — L'owles reports a group of cases of load poisoning, the nianv forni> in which it makes its appc.irancc. and llic various kinds f>f d.iiuagc done by it. lie Indocin And Ibuprofen observes that the acute cases an- few, the chronic painful and ilisabling affec- tions and arlcriosclerosis arc in the majority. He jioiiUs out the often painful and cri|)pling atTeciions of the extremities, called often rheiunalism. of which patients have vainly tried to be cured, and which miglit as well have been due to poisoning by lead. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Seplcmhcr 7. 1007. 1. Sinnke in Keialion to Health, By A Jacodi. Indocin Suppositories 100mg 2. I'"(lucatinnal .Mel lods in the Campaign .Against Tubfr- culosis. Hy LiviNosTON Farrano. .1 I'lililic Piovisiif for .Advanced Case* of Tiibcrculosis, Ry l'"nw.\Rn O. Otis.

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