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4. Glycosuria in Its Surgical Relations. By Albert E. Halstead. 5. The Treatment of Traumatic Rupture of the Kidney, By Edmund .\. B.\bler. 6. Involvement of the Cornea and Bulbar Conjunctiva in the Secondarj- Stage of Syphilis, By Brown Pusey. Buy Cheap Lamictal 7. Lupus Lamictal Discontinuation Erythematosus, By iM. L. Heidixgsfeld. 8. Abdominal Pain. Especially Pain in Connection with Ileus, By K. G. Lennaxder. 9. Physiological Observations on Experimentally Pro- duced Ileus. By W. B. Cannon and F. T. iluRPHV. 10. The Symptoms and Diagnosis of Strangulation of the Intestine, By John B. Roberts. 11. The Occurrence of Typhoid Bacilli in the Stools of Typhoid Cheap Lamictal Patients, By J. H. Pratt, F. W. Peabody, and A. D. Long. 1. Smoke in Relation to Health. — Jacobi, in review- ing the coal smoke question, cites Ascher, of Stutt- gart, who comes to the conclusion Order Lamictal that the mortality from acute inflammatory pulmonary diseases in Generic Lamictal Eng- land, Germany, and America is on the increase, mainly that of children and old people. The cause is to be sought for in the contamination of the atmosphere by smoke. In industrial districts the mortality of nurslings was six times larger than in agricultural communities. It was found that dense smoke districts had a larger mortality than other industrial centres, for instance, the textile industries. The mortality of coal miners surpasses that of the rest of the Lamictal Mg male Purchase Lamictal population by 130 per cent. ; the indigenous suffer more than the immi- grant workmen. Animals infected with aspergillus without having been previously exposed to smoke in- halation did not contract pneumonia like those which were forced to inhale smoke. Bartel and Neumann, in their Buy Lamictal work on experimental inhalation tuberculosis of the guinea pig, found that such guinea pigs as had in- haled a moderate amount of smoke on account of their being kept in a large city, died of pulmonary tuber- culosis in less time than those which showed smoke free lungs. A seriocomic contrast, says Jacobi, is furnished by the opinions of those who as.sert that soot in the lungs prevents tuberculosis. On that theory the metal Lamictal Rashes grinders of Sheffield had until twenty-five years ago the habit of going into places filled with coal dust after having been in metal dust all day. What was called ■ grinders' asthma " was and is tuberculosis. Lamictal Online There were few that escaped. Jacobi gives the laws regulat- ing the smoke in New York city, and concludes that, as usual, the laws appear to be made to protect not the people, but their enemies. 3. Public Provision for Advanced Cases of Tuber- culosis. — Otis, in conclusion, says Lamictal Xr that it is evident from the present agitation that the public is determined to control and eventually to eradicate tuberculosis, and that wc now possess sufficient knowledge of the disease and its prevention to intelligently work with this end Lamictal Use in view. .\n efficient Lamictal Buy and complete plan for public execution in " the pursuance of this object would be as follows: (I) Compulsory registration and disinfection; (2) free ex- amination of spiuum: (3) State or municipal law against promiscuous sp-tting; (4) sanatoria for in- cipient Lamictal Lamotrigine cases: (5) ho.spitals for advanced cases, with Rash Lamictal maiernity wards for tuberculous pregnant women: (6) tuberculosis dispensaries; (7) farm colonies for those discharged from the sanatoria: (8) sanatoria or hos- pitals for tuberculous and scrofulous ch'ldren .prefer- ably situated on the seashore, as I-Vauce. luigland, and other countries have done: (i>) efficient school inspec- tion by physician and nurse with special reference to tuberculosis; ( to") factory and workshop inspection with the same purpose in view. The majority of these meas- ures are already in operation in a number of cities ami States. None is more urgent or Buy Lamictal Online will contribute more to prevention t|ian consumptive hospitals with sufficient accoinino a right lo demanil il and sluiuld take sUps lo enforce; ic. 5. Purchase Lamictal Online The Treatment of Traumatic Rupture of the Kid- ney. — Babler observes that the secret of success in the treatment of traumatic Order Lamictal Online rupture of the kidney lies in the elimination of the " mortality of delay." The first essen- tial question presenting in every case of renal injury refers to the severity of the lesion : Is there profuse hemorrhage Lamotrigine Lamictal or a perirenal collection of urine and blood

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