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9. .\ Note on the Technique of .Abdominal Hysterectomy for Fibroids. , By F. Eix;e 10. I'iliroids and Fibroniyomatus Tumors in I'nusual Sites. By S. J. Cameron. 11. Notes on a Series of One Hundred Consecutive .\b- dominal Sections in Hospital Practice, By J. I. Parsons. 1. The Unborn Child.— Ileime states that wc must recognize ihc rights of the imborn child: I. To life. 2. To protection from the hereditary taint of degeneracy. 3. To heallh. that is. to conditions conducive to the safe- guarding of its heallh. 4. To Nature's footi (when iioru). that is. its mother'-, milk. 5. To its natural pro- tection (when born), that is. its mother's care. The recognition of these riglits demands the recognition of the following dutie- on the part of the parents, the pro- fession, .md the stale: 1. (In the part of the parents; a clean and normal life before ami after concei)tion. 2. On Ihc p.iri of the moilicr. a. Tlic consistent regiila lion of her ukmIc of life. b. Tlie abstention fror; alco hoi, c. The feeiling of the child hy the broasi. d. The 514 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. care of the child after birth. 3. On the |)art of the nied purchase levlen - cal profession, a. The restriction of therapeutical fceti- cide. b. The education of a healthy public opinion. 4. On the part of the state, a. Restriction of procreation to the buy levlen tit — i. By the regulation and restriction of mar- riage to the fit either by education or legislation, ii. By the prevention of procreation by the unfit — whether by segregation of the unfit, or sterilization of degenerates, or the evolution of a healthy public opinion, b. Regu- lation of the life of the pregnant woman — i. By state provision of food buy levlen online for the necessitous, ii. By provision levlen online of hospitals levlen ed tablets for the reception of women during preg- nancy, iii. By state prohibition of woman's work and employment during pregnancy, c. Immediate registra- tion of (a) still births, (b) premature labors, (c) abor- tions, and (c) if practicable, pregnancy, d. Registration of birth within twenty-four hours, e. Regulation of the life of the woman who has given birth to a child — i. By generic levlen state provision of food to the necessitous, ii. By state prohibition of woman's work for at least six months after confinement. 7. Rupture of the Uterus. — Munro-Kerr reports a case of complete rupture of the uterus, occurring in a ricketty woman during labor. The foetus escaped into the levlen price order levlen peritoneal cavity. Panhysterectomy was performed and the patient made a good recovery. In many cases of this kind, order levlen online the rupture of the uterus is not recognized until after the birth of the child, many of the classical symp- toms being absent. The sudden feeling of something having given way is present in but very few cases, and only levlen ed where the lacerafon is extensive and the fcetus has escaped into the abdominal cavity or the cellular tissue under the periton;eum. Alterations in the shape of the abdominal swelling can also only occur where the child passes wholly or in part out of the uterus, when two levlen 21 abdominal swellings become apparent. .A. bipartite uterus may simulate this condition. The foetal parts are much more easily pal])ated after the child has passed into the abdominal ca\-it\-. than when it is still in the uterus. The amount of hemorrhage which occurs as a result of rupture buy cheap levlen of the uterus varies greatly. In only three of the author's thirteen cases was it severe. But there may be but little bleeding from the vag'na, much of the blood escaping into the purchase levlen online peritoneal cavity. But as a rule the bleeding is very gradual, the child's body acting as a plug. After the foetus discount levlen is extracted the hsem- orrhage may become much more profuse. The situa- tion of the tear levlen 28 as regards the uterine bloodvessels is of great importance. The pulse rate gradually rises, and uneasiness, general abdominal pain, and the ordi- nary symptoms of collapse become more pronounced. The diagnosis between complete and incomplete rupture can be arrived at only by vaginal examination. When the rupture is complete the intestines can be disfnctly felt; this is not possible where it is incomplete. Of fourteen cases seen by the writer, three were incom- plete and all recovered ; two of the complete cases were operated on and both died. Of the remaining n-ne cases in which hysterectomy was done, six died. Plugging is the safest treatment for the practitioner, providing col- lapse is not extreme. 9. cheap levlen Uterine Fibroids. — Strassmann discusses the in- levlen cost dications levlen ed tablet for operations on uterine fibroids. It is ad- mitted that a bleeding polypus, a giant tumor of rapid growth, or a tumor which by pressure seriously inter- feres with the function of neighboring organs such as the bladder or causes insupportable y)ain. demands sur- gical interference. Cardiac troubles, in young patients with fibromyoma, are also indications not against, but for operation. In such subjects the progressive myo- carditis due to loss of blood, pain, etc., exaggerates the tri levlen

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