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dangers of shock, thrombosis, and embolism which are knovyn to be common after Levothroid Synthroid myomectomy. The writer .specially calls attention to the complications of fibro- niyomata of Levothroid 0.1 Mg the utfru* bv Levothroid Vs Synthroid mher diseases of the genital organs. Cancer of the body of the uterus seems preferably to affect uteri which have long, per- haps without apparent harm, been affected by tu- mors projecting into the cavity. As a rule, fibroids in women over fifty years old Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine should not be oper- ated on, but if bleeding and other suspicious symp- toms occur, a diagnostic curettage should be done. Sarcomatous degeneration of Levothroid 88 Mcg fibroids may take place, and complicating carcinoma of the ovaries !.- common. AmenorrhcEa should lead Levoxyl Vs Levothroid to the suspicion that ovula- tion has been interfered with. A palpable ovary in an elderly woman is always suspicious. Endometritis due to pressure from the fibroids may lead to hydrosalpinx and pyosalpinx, the latter complication being most dis- astrous, and Levothroid 100 Mg the prognosis of operation doubtful. Pedic- ulated subserous tumors expose the patient to the ex- tremely serious dangers of torsion of the pedicle, with resultant gangrene and peritonitis. The enucleation of tumors from the gravid uterus is always a most dan- gerous proceeding, and total extirpation is' to be pre- ferred in the cases where operative interference is im- peratively called for. The induction of abortion in such cases is also inadvisable. While the author is a pro- nounced advocate of operation by the vaginal route, yet he does not hesitate to open the abdomen for colossal tumors, for subserous pedunculated growths, etc. Enu- cleation is more difficult than total hysterectomy, and has a higher mortality. LANCET August 24, 1907. 1. The Principles of Vaccine Therapy, II. (Concluded), By .•\. E, Wright. 2. Stricture and Traumatism of the Vermiform Appendix. With a Note on Foreign Bodies in the .\ppendix. By Order Levothroid Online W. H. Battle. 3. The Nature and Management of Hypertrophy of the Heart, By A. Morison. 4. Levothroid 25 Mcg Pancreatitis Due to Direct Extension of a Malignant Growth of the Gallbladder Along the Common Bile and Pancreatic Ducts, By A. W. JN'l. RoBSON and P. S. C.\mmidge. 5. Calculi in the Appendi.x, By D. T. Barry. 6. A Case of Appendicitis Excited by a Clove, the Ap- pendix Being the Sole Generic Levothroid Viscus in a Hernial Sac, By W. H. Barnett and J. W. S. Macfie. 7. .\ Record of the Physical Examination of One Thou- sand Boys at their Entrance on Public School Life. By C. Levothroid Generic Dukes. 8. A Case of Typhoid Fever: A Note on the Bacteriologi- cal Examination of the Blood, By W. Muirhead. 1. Vaccine Therapy. — Wright, in the conclusion of his lecture on the principles of vaccine therapy, sum- marizes his personal exper'ence as Levothroid 100 Mcg to practical results, as follows: I. Type of infection where a single Purchase Levothroid Online species of microorganism has penetrated into the interior of the bodv and has established itself in one or more foci with- out causing any considerable destruction of tissue or constitutional disturbance. Typical examples are where tubercle bacilli have lodged in lymphat'c glands and where staphylococci have penetrated into the subcu- taneous Levothroid 75 Mg tissues and yet causing only suppurative (fur- Is Levothroid Generic nucular) as distinguished from Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid necrotic (carlnnicular) changes. Here his results have been all but uniformly successful. In furnuclosis cure results in a few days in tuberculous adenitis in from five vveeks to eighteen months. The same is true of tuberculous infection of the testicle, kidney, and urinary passages, and also, to a modified degree, in early cases of pulmonary tuber- culosis. 2. Ulcerat've type of infection, met with in connection with the breaking down of nodules in Synthroid Vs Levothroid the deeper tissues and the penetration of superficial infec- tions. This is as tractable to vaccine therapy as type Levothroid 125 Mcg one, except where secondary infections have supervened. If anything, an open ulcer is more Order Levothroid tractable than a focus of infection in the deeper tissues which has not found vent or which has not nenelrated to the lymph bear- ing stratum below, t,. Infections of the skin. These September 14. 1907.]

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