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PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE 515 fall into two categories. Dry. scaly, and nonvascular infections, such as " lupus psoriasis," are extremelv -.n- tractable to vaccine therapy. But where the hkin is vascular, or the microbes penetrate deeply, as in staphy- lococcal sycosis, excellent results are discount lexapro card obtained. 4. In- lexapro price comparison fections of mucous membranes and of the glands and ducts which stand in conneection with mucous mem- branes. These are readily influenced by vaccine the- rapy, good results having been obtained in infections of the middle ear. the antrum, the nasal sinuses, dental alveoli, and salivarv' glands, also in coli infections of the intestine and gall bladder. But it must be remem- bered that most mucous membranes harbor on their surface manv forms of microorganisms, and as vaccine therapy only does away with one particular form, some other class may multiply and cause trouble. In blad- der infections we generally have also to deal cheap lexapro alternative with a bacter uria. 5. Infections of sinuses. \'ery successful results are obtained in these cases when discount lexapro the inoculation of bacterial vaccines is combined with a course of treat- ment by local iTmphagogues. 6. Mi.xed infections. Prac- ticallv everj- lexapro price generic case of suppurating lupus is complicated by staphylococcus infection, and most of them also by a streptococcus lexapro discount program infection. And what holds true of lupus holds true, mutatis mutandis, of every tuberculous af- fection to which microbes can find access. In these in- stances of mixed infect'on. two cases must be consid- ered : a. Case where vaccine therapy is directed to the destruction of onlv one of the infecting microbes. In a few instances where furunculosis was due lexapro price per pill to both streptococci and staphylococci, the extinction of one organism under vaccine therapy has indirectly led to the extinction of the other. But such an event is ex- tremely exceptional, and all other organisms cheap lexapro canada except the one specially aimed at are quite unaffected. Indeed the multiplication of competing microbes discount lexapro no prescription may be thereby favored, b. Case where vaccine therapy lexapro price is directed to the destruction of all the infecting microbes. Where in cases of mixed infection measures are taken to im- munize the patient discount lexapro online against each of the different infec- tions, very successful results have been obtained cheap lexapro no prescription — for in- stance, get discount lexapro in lupus, cystitis, and endometritis. 7. General- ized average cost generic lexapro infections. In six cases of Malta fever, distinct clinical improvement occurred in each case in associa- tion with an increased development of antibacterial sub- stances in the blood. In buy discount lexapro two cases of streptococcal sep- ticaemia a complete cure was achieved. In a third case (one of malignant endocarditis) vaccine therapy brought the temperature, which had been elevated for months, down to normal, the patient dying later of discount lexapro coupons cardiac com- plications. In three other cases of sireptococca! endo- carditis the patients succumbed, having in each case failed to cheap lexapro online make any immunizing response to the inocula- tions. MUENCHENER MEDIZINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT August XI. 100/. 1. The Question of Serum Siipcrscnsitalinii. By Otto. 2. generic lexapro price drop Remedial Result. Poisonous Action, and Opsimic Index in Treatment with Marmorek's .\ntitul)erculous Serum. By B.\R. .?. Hysterical Perspiration. By CfRS(HM.\NN. 4. The Relations Hctwcon rnouninnia and Gout. By KiiSTEiN. 5. Concerning the .'Xdministralinn of Medicaments in Rumpel's Capsules (Capsul.-v (ielodurata:), By Scni-ECHT. 6. The Casuistics of Congenital Cmbilical Hernia, By RiNCEL. 7. The Iodide and Mercury Troatinont of Tuberculosis in the Nose. Pharynx, and l^arynx. By CiRINBERC. 8. prescription discount lexapro A Coiilrilnilirin to the Statistics of Infant Mortality, By RisEL. 9. Casuistic Contribution to the -Titiology and Symptom- atology of Cysts of the Pancreas, By Lu.ievstein. 10. Rncliondroma of the Larynx. By Martleib. II .Xtrojihy of the Nails .Among Pyers. By GoTTiin.F. 12. Casuistics of Poisoning bv Cheese, By Federschmidt.

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