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August 24. 1907. I: Radicular Xeurites, By Camus and Albert Sezary. 2. LVasmic Intestinal Pseudoocclusion, By Paul Delbet. .V Treatment of the Aleppo Button, By Benoit. 1. Radicular Neurites. — Camus and Sezary describe the syndrome which has received from Professor De- jerine the name of radiculites, which we have translated radicular neurites, or neurites, starting from the roots of the nerves. These neurites are clinically character- ized by troubles of sensation in longitudinal bands which follow distinctly the areas of distribution of the affected nerves and also by motor troubles of the muscles supplied by Cheap Lipitor the nerves. Certain of these neurites present pe- culiarities. Thus when the eighth cervical and the first dorsal are involved certain ocular symptoms are pres- ent, mvosis, narrowing of the palpebral fissure, retrac- tion of the eyeball ; when the third .fourth, fifth, and sixth dorsal, vasomotor troubles of the face ; when the lumbar region, the picture Cheap Lipitor Online presented is that of a radi- cular crucal neuritis. The treatment is that of the cause, meningitis, Lipitor Cheap syphilis, tuberculosis, or compres- sion. 3. Aleppo Button. — Benoit reports eight cases cured In- applications of potassium pernfanganate in from Purchase Lipitor nine to thirty-six davs. REVUE MENSUELLE DES MALADIES DE L'ENFANCE. July, igoy. 1. Epileptic Dementia in Childhood and .\dolescence (To he coutinucd) . By Roger Voisin. 2. Contributions to the Study of .\n3emia Infantum Pseu- ■doleucaeniica. By Charles Cohen. 3. Primary Tuberculosis of the Patella, By M. J. Andrien. 4. On Hygiene of Lipitor Online the Mouth During the First Dentition, By Caillox. 1. Epileptic Dementia in Childhood and Adolescence. Lipitor 20mg — \'oisin Lipitor Purchase observes that the term dementia denotes an incurable condition with complete or partial loss of the mental faculties Lipitor Buy Online : therefore, a temporary mental derange- ment, such as occurs after epileptic convulsions, is Lipitor Mg not a true dementia, but as the mental confusion after the paroxysms plays an important role in the progressive enfeeblement of the intellect, these cases must neverthe- Lipitor Buy less come under the head of dementia. Epileptic de- mentia in childhood leads to acquired idiocy, that is, not only is there a complete arrest of development, but also a retrograde movement. Epileptic dementia of adolescence occurs mostly in children who have fre- quent attacks and who present methepileptic hebetude. The main factors in determining the prognosis are the frequency of the attacks rather than their character, and the mental state following the attacks. Online Lipitor The etiological factors arc puberty, infectious diseases, autointoxica- tions, and too rapid growth. There are three forms of epileptic dementia: i. That due to epilepsy coexisting with juvenile paralysis, of which only one case is on record. 2. Dementia with paralysis and spasms, which presents symptoms of a true spastic paraplegia, giving it a resemblance to Little's disease. The convulsive type is characterized by frequent paroxysms, Order Lipitor Online rise of tempera- ture, and coma between paroxysms. The attacks last a few flays. The vertiginous type is characterized by perioflic attacks of vert'go, loss of consciousness between attacks, rise of temperature, though less marked than in the convulsive tvpc, hebetude after the attacks, gas- trointestinal disturbances, retention of urine, and occa- Buy Lipitor sionally convulsive movements at the beginning and lud of the attack. The attacks last from a few days to six weeks. In cases which go on to dementia, symp- toms of general paresis appear, such as exaggeration of the reflexes, spasticity, paralysis, and enfeeblement of the intellect. The paralysis usually affects the lower, but may affect the upper extremities, or one side. In the beginning it lasts only a few hours after the paroxysm, but soon persists for several days or until the hebetude has passed away. This form of dementia may extend over a long period of as much as ten or twelve years. Buy Lipitor Cheap In the seven cases in which lumbar puncture was done, the results were negative. 3. Dementia without paraly- sis, as in dementia prajcox, which it Purchase Lipitor Online resembles, four dif- ferent types are seen : The simple type, which is the one most frequently observed, is characterized by a pro- gressive weakening of the mental faculties, appearing Lipitor Order first at the end of adolescence. The paroxysms, which are usually nocturnal, are at first followed by only a slight degree of hebetude, but as the disease progresses the patient becomes excitable, suspicious, and irritable. At the age of thirty to thirty-five the attacks become diurnal as well as nocturnal, the hebetude following them is deeper, and Order Lipitor signs of change of character appear with alternating mania and depression, loss Buy Cheap Lipitor of memory for recent events, loss of notion of time, confusion of ideas, and stereotyped motions. The hebephrenic type is characterized by the early onset of mania, followed by depression with marked prostration, delirium, inabil- ity to concentrate the mind or anything, unsystematized delusions, and change of character.

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