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The Value and Method of Mensuration in Vesical, Ureteral, and Renal Work. — Dr. How.^rd Kelly, of Baltimore, said that anything that made us dwell on a case was valuable to us nowadays, as the tendency was Megalis 20 Mg to rush through the diagnosis. We must adopt the linear measurement, the volumetric measurement, and the urethral measurement. The distance to the posterior wall of the bladder measured commonly about 5 or 6 ctm. The vertical measurement was about 6 or 7 ctm. By this means we could separate a contracted bladder from a normal bladder. The bladder dropped open in the knee chest pos tion. We could determine the size of any Megalis 10 Mg lesion in the bladder by moving the speculum trans- versely. The measurement of the length of the urethra could be accomplished by the speculum. By catheteriz- ing the ureter we could determine its length and also whether a stricture was present. The tightness of the stricture was also ascertanied by the resistance offered 10 the Megalis 10 catheter in going over the stricture and also in pulling through the stricture. In some cases it required a pull of 200 to 300 grammes to release the catheter. When the catheter was removed, we should study its contour, which would guide us as to the shape of the canal. Dr. MosELV. of Baltimore, reported a case of pyuria and albuminur'a o])crated on for ovarian cyst. Seven litres (■! creamv ))us was removed from the kidney. A Consideration of the Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Acute Unilateral Septic Infarcts of ths Kidney was the title of ;i paper reail by Megalis Price Dr G li. IJkfiwek. of .\'(w ^'ork. Some Requirements of Up to Date Nephrectomy. — Dr. G. .M. I'iiiEiKiiii.s, of .\'ew Megalis Tablets >'ork, said that no agreement had been reached as lo tin- melbud of iletcrmin-ng ihc s,ptemberH. 1007.1 NEIV IXyEMTIONS. 521 amount of work which was normal for one kidney to ilo, but we might look for it in the near future. The existence of a second kidney was of vital importance in nephrectomy. There was no method of examination at our command except exploratory laparotomy, which would settle the question of the presence of a second kidney. There Megalis 20mg might be two ureteral orifices and yet but one kidney. The fatal mistake of removing the pa- tient's only kidney was still among the range of possi- bilities. It was very easy to recognize some degenera- tive change of the kidney by gross inspection. Renal decapsulation increased Megalis Tablet the output of urea in the de- capsulated kidney. He advocated the removal of the capsule of the remaining kidney. Cystic Lymphangeioma of the Gastrocolic Omentum. — Dr. Francis LI. Wakefield, of San Francisco, said that, so far as he could find, this was the first tumor of its Megalis 20 kind reported. It had been growing for two years and was in a child, four years old. It was found at- tached to the stomach. The tumor was larger than a man's head, multilocular, with numerous small cystoid cavities surrounding. The cyst fluid vi'as straw col- ored and clear, and on heating with acetic acid coagu- lated. The fluid contained leucocytes. The cyst showed flat epithelial cells lining the cavities. The term cyst should be reserved for a cavity containing fluid and softening material. The word as used now was not correct. He beleved that these tumors were not so rare, but that their true nature had not been made out in the past. Ectopic Gestation, with Special Reference to the Treatment of Tubal Rupture. — Dr. Hunter Rouh, of Cleveland, gave a brief review of the course of an ectopic gestation, with the opinions of various authori- ties as to the treatment to be adopted in emergencies due to tubal rupture. The patient rarely died from the hiemorrhage, but more often from shock. As a rule, it was better not to operate until reaction had taken place. There were records of several cases treated in this way Buy Megalis and also of experimental hemorrhages produced by cut- ting the ovarian and uterine arteries in bitches. A Study of the Uterosacral Ligaments Megalis India from the Standpoint of Their Utility as Uterine Supports. — Dr. I. S. Stone, of Washington, called attention to the Megalis Online great vascularity of the uterosacral ligameni. Given a healthy woman with aretrodisplaced uterus, it was a question how it occurred. We might be unable in some cases to find the uterosacral ligament. We should use a blunt needle to avoid h.ematocele in shortening. The great tniuhle w;is the descent of the pcriton;eum with a descent of the viscera, and until we could find the cause of this descent we should not know how to treat this condition.

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