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;^Dok Boticcs. Chemical Pathology. Being a Discussion of methotrexate usp General Pathology from the Standpoint of the Chemical Processes Involved. By H. Gideon Wells, methotrexate for ms Ph. D., M. D., Assistant Professor of Pathology in the Uni- versity of Chicago and in Rush Medical College, Chi- cago. Philadelphia and London: W. B. methotrexate cream Saunders Company, 1907. Pp. 549. The preface of Dr. Wells's book will give the best idea of its purpose. Physiological chemistry is the methotrexate injection cost most fertile field for study in medicine to-day. Patho- logical histologv' and bacteriology, while by no means exhausted, present problems, the solution of which will require painstaking and constant investigation over long periods of time. The results of work along the lines of physiological chemistry are more striking, par- ticularly when the study is applied to groups of cases. As Dr. Wells says, '" relatively seldom, unfortunately, has the pathologist attacked methotrexate and ms his problems topical methotrexate by chemical methods." " Only when bearing upon conditions such as gout and diabetes, which concern alike the phys- iologist, the clinician, and the pathologist, have the fragments been molded together into a homogeneous whole." The scattered fragments of chemical knowl- edge have been collected by the author, who uses them as a basis for a consideration of general pathology from the standpoint of the chemical processes accompanying them. The aim of the work is to furnish methotrexate pharmacology collateral reading to the student who, for the first time, goes over the subject of general pathology, which his textbooks usually consider from the morphological viewpoint; to furni.s'h the graduate in medicine with the advances that are being made along lines of fundamental importance in clinical medicine ; to furnish the investigator in bio- logical chemistry and pathology with information of the ground methotrexate 17.5 mg where the two branches overlap; and to furnish a guide to the sources of knowledge of these subjects. So far as methotrexate 7.5 mg we know, this is the first textbook in English which treats of pathology from the chemical point of view. There is a good translation of Bunge's Lehrbuch dcr physi-ologischen und pathologischen Chcmic. which treats principally of the pathological methotrexate sodium 2.5 mg changes of general and special metabolism. It would require too much space to enumerate the- subjects discussed by Dr. Wells in the book under re- view, but reference to a few chajjters will serve to indi- cate the very unusual way of treating the subject of general pathology. In the first chapter the chemistry and physics of the cell, the chemistry of the essential cell constituents and methotrexate rxlist of the proteid methotrexate india molecule, and the structure of the cell in relation lo its chemistry and physics are discussed. There are chapters on the 6 mp methotrexate chemistry of bacteria and their products, on the chem- istry of animal parasites, etc. In the present state of our knowledge concerning the subject it is to be expected that many of the subjects treated would be merely pharmacology of methotrexate the grouping of short abstracts from the recent literature. We think that material advantage would have resulted if Dr. Wells had added a final paragraph containing his own views concerning some of these. If, for example, at the end of the sec- tion on methotrexate canada haemolysis, there was a summary similar to that at the end of the discussion of cloudy swelling, it would make for clearness. Wells's Chemical Pathology is a book that ought to be studied carefully by every one wishing to be in touch with the live problems concerning disease. But it must be studied methotrexate 12.5 mg ; the ideas cannot be imbibed by mere read- ing. The chemistry of bacterial products, of hemoly- sis, or of the rectrograde metamorphoses cannot be understood by a casual perusal of the known facts. Introduction to Materia methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet Medica and Pharmacology. Including the Elements of Medical Pharmacy, Pre- scription Writing, Medical Latin, Toxicology, and Methods of Local Treatment. By Oliver T. Os- borne, M. A., M. D., Professor of Materia Medea, Therapeutics, and Clinical Medicine in the Yale Uni- versity ; Ex-President of the American Therapeutic methotrexate b12 Society, etc. Philadelphia : Lea Brothers & Co., 1906. Pp. vi-167. It is intended that this small book shall methotrexate generic name introduce the student to the study of pharmacology and therapeutics. A brief chapter on pharmacology is given as an intro- duction to a laboratory course. A chapter on phar- mac}' offers headings for lectures to explain the impor- tant preparations of the pharmacopoeia. There are chapters on the symptoms and treatment of poisoning, on prescription writing, on special treatments, and on simple food preparations. The book may serve as a quiz compend on the subject. Paraffin in Surgery. A Critical and Clinical Study. By W1LLI.A.M H. LucKETT, B. S., M. D., Attending Sur- geon, Harlem Hospital ; Surgeon, Mount Sinai Hos- pital Dispensary, and Frank I. Horn, M. D., As- sistant Surgeon, Mount Sinai Hospital Dispensary.

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