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Examining Boards, Washington, D. motrin pm coupon C. Streets, T. H., Medical Director. Ordered to additional duty as a member of the Naval Retiring Board, Wash- ington, D. C. — gcat^s. Married. Ekwurzel — Thorpe. — In Lead City, South Dakota, on Saturday August loth, Dr. George Macy Ekwurzel, United States Army, and Miss Lucile Thorpe. Mason — Kennedy. motrin discontinued — In Warrenton, Virginia, on Friday, August 30th, Dr. William Beverley Mason, of Washington, D. C, and Miss Agnes Gray Kennedy. Pitman — Murphy. — In Springfield, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, September 4th, Dr. J. Livingston Pitman motrin 100 mg motrin 500 and Miss Rita 800 milligram motrin Sampson Murphy. Weyl — PooLE. — In Lake Forest, Illinois, on Wednesday, September 4th, Dr. Walter E. Weyl, of Philadelphia, and Miss Bertha Poole. Died. Abercromeie. — In Washington, D. motrin gel C, on Thursday, Sep- extra strength motrin tember 5th, Dr. William H. Abercrombie, aged motrin products sixty-five years. Alleman. — In motrin eq Geneva, N. Y., on Saturday, August 31st, Dr. Andrew J. Alleman, aged seventy-eight years. AwBREY. — In Louisville, Kentucky, on Friday, August 30th, Dr. John R. Awbrey, aged seventy-six years. Beshoar. — In Trinidad, whats in motrin Colorado, on Thursday, Septem- ber 5th, Dr. Michael Beshoar, aged seventy-four years. Blain. — In Brunswick, Georgia, on Wednesday, August 28th, Dr. Arthur C. Blain, United States Public Health and motrin ad Marine Hospital Service. motrin b Clark. — In Syracuse, N. Y., on Monday, September 2nd, Dr. Gaylord P. Clark, aged fifty years. Davison. — In Winchester, Virginia, on Sunday, Septem- ber 1st, Dr. William Davison, aged fifty-nine years. Drake. — In Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, August 31st, Dr. John Wesley Drake. Hawes. — In Denver, Colorado, on Tuesday, August 20th, Dr. John cvs motrin B. Hawes. Hendricks. — In motrin commercial Westdale, Louisiana, on Friday, August 30th, Dr. M. D. Hendricks. Lyman. — In Baltimore, Maryland, on motrin printable coupon Thursday, August 29th. Dr. Albert Benedict Lyman, aged sixty-one years. Miller. — In Hagerstown, Maryland, on Sunday, August 25th, Dr. John Elliott Miller, aged seventy years. Mover. — In motrin 500 mg Moscow, N. Y., on Wednesday, August 28th, Dr. Frank Hammond Moyer, aged sixty years. Partridge. — In Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York, on Sat- urday, September 7th, Gertrude Edwards, motrin gel caps wife of Dr. Ed- ward L. Partridge. RocAp. — In Olney, Philadelphia, on Thursdav. August 29th, motrin 18 Dr. William A. Rocap, aged thirty-eight years. Shelly. — In Pottsville, Pennsylvania, on Thursday, Au- gust 15th, Dr. Jay Warren Shelley. Streett. — In Baltimore, Maryland, on Sunday, September 1st, Dr. Charles H. Streett, aged fifty-eight years. Wehber. — I.n Detroit, Michigan, on Friday, August 30th, Dr. Nathaniel W. Webber. Winkler. — In Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, on Satur- d.iy, August 31st, Dr. Joseph A. Winkler, motrin 1000mg aged seventy- s(-ven years. WiNNE. — In Albany, N. Y., on Monday, September 2nd, Dr. Lansing B. Winne. -pitai. New York Medical Journal INCORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal ^he Medical News A Weekly Review of Medicine, Established i8^j.

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