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ation and perspiration, and these are of further value in measurements of the total heat produc- tion, generic prednisone since about sixty calories of heat are required to vaporize lOO grammes of water. The total quan- tities of water vaporized from the lungs and skin measured in the diff'erent experiments are given in Table \'. \Mth dilTerent subjects there are cheap prednisone order prednisone online marked T.\m.K V. Water of Respiration and Perspiration During Fasting. purchase prednisone U. K. I A. I.. 1, 982 952 943 745 701 J.. 1 7.38 898 i. A. B 743 order prednisone 065 ;. A. B 084 6.30 i. .\. B 6.-0 042 !. .\. B 070 018 1. K I!. V. . A. II. M ,927 prednisone cost 1,001 .609 071 .842 940 II. It. I> N. M. 1 n. W. . . ilitTerences in the amounts prednisone online of water thus excreted, while with the same subject the differences are nnich less, l-veii with the subject S. A. B. aside from the large water out]nit on the buy prednisone first day of the first ex|ieriment. 743 grammes, which was in part due to the active muscular exercise on the bicycle ergometer, there still was a difference between buy prednisone online lv*erinieiit. In general, the water output decreases as tlie fast progresses. The inarkeil variations in the amounts of water vapor excreted during iliffer- eiit experiineiUs are in large part to be accounted for bv ditTerences in the U>tal prednisone price heat production, and snbseipient prednisone 10mg comparison of these two factors wM b-- 53-' BENEDICT: METABOLISM DURING INANITION. of value, in prednisone mg general, then, a fasting man gives off not prednisone tablets far from 600 to 800 grammes of water per clay. Carbon Dioxide Elimination. — Of great impor- tance in studying metabolism is the carbon dioxide prednisone 20mg output and the values as obtained in these experi- ments are given on the chart now on the screen. During the time the subjects were all at rest, i. e., engaging in no extraneous muscular exercise, it is purchase prednisone online seen, from the figures in Table VI, that there is, on TABLE VI. Carbon Dioxide Output During F.nsling. buy cheap prednisone A. L. I,. A. I.. L. S. A. B. S. A. B. S. A. B. S. A. B.

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