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...645.4 681.3 466.1 466.4 ences are observed between the oxygen intake Protonix Mg on the different days than was noted in the case of carbon dioxide. This is readily understood when the differences Pantoprazole Online in the kinrls and amounts of the material catabolized are taken into consideration. Buy Pantoprazole In general, however, Buy Protonix the measurement of the oxy- gen intake is a good measure Order Pantoprazole Online of the total catabol- ism. In Cheap Pantoprazole these experiments it was fortunately possible to secure Cheap Protonix data regarding the catabolism specifically of protein, fat, and Generic Pantoprazole carbohydrates. The total uri- nary nitrogen gave a direct measure of the protein catabolized, on the commonly accepted assumption that the urinary nitrogen results only from the ca- tabolism of protein. Materials Order Protonix cataboli.zed. — From the amounts of car- bon dioxide and water vapor given off as well as the oxygen consumed, and from a knowledge of the urinary Buy Pantoprazole Online constituents, it Purchase Pantoprazole Online is possible to Purchase Protonix strike a balance of income and outgo and compute by the method of simultaneous equations, the quantities of protein, fat, and glycogen catabolized. The method Buy Protonix Online by which these computations are made has been dis- cussed in detail elsewhere and is too complicated for review here.'^ The relative amounts of protein catabolized are therefore essentially those of the nitrogen output from the urine, and no further discussion is neces- sary on this point. It is of interest, however, to note that this method of apportionment of the nitro- gen and carbon output and oxygen intake between the various ingredients of the body distinguishes between the amounts of fat and glycogen catabol- ized. Table Purchase Pantoprazole VIII Buy Cheap Pantoprazole is recorded the number of 1 In TAET.K VIII. Cat.Tbolized Durin B. F. D.. . ...150.7 156.6 1,83.4 .\. L. L. . . Order Pantoprazole . ..145.1 160.6

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