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duction per square metre of bcnly surface. On the whole these agree reasonably well with Rubner's average of .ilwut calories per square metre. The highest observed was on the second day of the experiment with H. C. K., namely, 1.J83 calories, and tiie lowest on the sixth day of the long fast of S. A. B.. where the heat production per sijuare me- ire of Ivxlv surface was 85(1 calories. A critical examination of all the data, however, 534 BENEDICT: METABOLISM DURING INANITION. ^•^"'•'' ■^'- tion there was an error of over generic for robaxin s robaxin generic name per cent, m l)Oth Moat Produced per Square Metre of Body Surface During I.i >.t >.'& -'.i >.i i.i apportioning the cataboHsm between the protein, So '§0 •=! '§0 robaxin 750 ■=! ■=! •§! fat, and carbohydrates leads to results that when .^g, Si§ m§ fg ,r^ 35 ~? compared with the actual heat determinations are ■■ '■'■ V J'Oja 1.046 1,050 most satisfactory. The robaxin 500 mg total percentage error in A. L. J> 1,01 ( 1.0o2 . . - ^ . ,1 * , . \. I-. L 00.? 1.009 0.56 924 the series of experiments here presented is not tar s. a!, b!! : ! ^ii.'ooi ^'Vir, 9II 900 'sbh from one half of one per cent. The maximum dis- .s. .\,'b...'. ;: '941 94fi 969 966 90.=> 856 'sG!) crepancv was ^.s per cent, on the third dav of the •S. .A. B 980 993 robaxin 500 9S7 982 ,5 ' • ^ -.i, e v r> II. E. s 1.075 1,14:5 last experiment with S. A. B. .V H.' m'. ; '. '. '. '. 901 robaxin 500mg tablets ^'!m9 '.'.'.' '.'.'.'. '.'..'. . : '•^ close inspection of certain of the ratios between !] c. K 1.050 1,185 ; ..:; the oxvg;en consumption, carbon robaxin high dioxide elimina- H. H. D 1.0(0 1.07.:i ' f , , ,' ^. . ^ , . , ^ N, M. !• 1,089 1.149 tion, robaxin 75 mg and heat production points conclusively to er- ^'' ^^ — '''''* ^'"^^ rors chiefly in the oxygen determinations as the shows that the fluctuations on different days mav cause of the discrepancies whenever they appear, be traced to variations in the internal work as indi'- In but one instance was there evidently an error cated by variations in the pulse rate. It would be in the heat measurement. necessarv therefore to add to Rubner's conditions This energy balance, therefore, shows that the not only that the man be at rest, but that his pulse method of the apportionment of the catabolism be- rate should be that of the average man during inan- tween the proteid, fat and robaxin 1000 mg glycogen is in all proba- ition. bility as close as physiological experimenting will Balance of Energy. — The direct measurement of permit, the heat production" aiYords a robaxin euphoria method of checking Comparison of Factors of Catabolism. — The the computation of the total amount of protein, fa't large number of factors studied in this research and glycogen catabolized. by comparing the heat makes it impossible to give a summary of results, production with the estiniated energy of the but in order to compare the catabolism of the dif- amounts of these robaxin brand name materials catabolized. Due al- ferent materials and to show the general average lowance is made for the energy lost in the urine and catabolism from day to day, we robaxin mg may advantageously from the well known factorsof generic robaxin the heat of combus- consider specifically robaxin generic the seven day experiment as a tion purchase robaxin of body protein, fat and glycogen, the actual type. For the purposes of comparison the results energy of the material oxidized in the body can be are here presented in the form of a series of curves, computed. This estimated energy robaxin 750 mg has been com- Aside from the three curves for the amounts of fat, pared to the actual heat production and the results protein and glycogen catabolized all the other are given in robaxin canada Table XII. In the first column is curves on this chart have to deal with the urinary T.iBLB XII. Balance of Energy During Fasting. First dav. Second day. Third day. Fourth day. Fifth day. Sixth day. Seventh day. , — Calories.— ^ ^—Calories.—-, , — Calories.— n ,^— Calories.— -, ^—Calories.— ^ ^—Calories.— > ^Calories.— ^ B. F. D 2,122 2,080 2.115 2.107 2,159 2,102 A.L.I 2,181 2,167 2.179 2,217 A. I,. 1 1,972 1.951 2.166 robaxin 550 mg 2,163 2,069 2,035 2.008 1,938 S. A. B 2,013 1,970 1,860 1,844 1,800.1,746 1,653 1,606 S. A. B 1.847 1,866 1.831 1,791 1,782 1,739 1,678 1.663 1.614 l,.i4S robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer

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