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--^ 160 KATI 6J \ 200 ^ ■^^ ^ y a 4 silagra tablet K ^^ -- sumption, and as has been pointed out previously, the oxygen consumption is a uwch more accurate measure of the total silagra cipla heat production than is the larbon dioxide elimination. The three curves rep- resenting silagra online buy silagra the va])orization of water are of especial interest. silagra uk The total water vapori/ed follows in order silagra a general way the curve for total heat production. The water vaiiorizeil ill cheapest silagra the body ciiusists, however. 536 PAN CO AST: X RAY IN TUBERCULOSIS. not only of the preformed water, Imt tliat result- ing from the oxidation of organic hydrogen, and the experimental methods permit us to separate these two factors. The curves representing the water of buy cheap silagra organic hydrogen follow almost exactly the carbon dioxide curve, while the loss of preformed water decreases rapidly until the fifth day, silagra 50 and on the fifth, sixth, and seventh days remains relatively constant. While a careful record of the extraneous mus- cular movements silagra 100 mg of -the subject was kept in all these experiments and an attempt was made to buy silagra uk determine the differences in the extraneous cheap silagra muscular activity from these movements, no satisfactory comparison of the activities order silagra online on these dift'erent days with the total heat production was obtained. The pulse rate, although determined by the subject himself and only intermittently, furnishes, however, a silagra tablets remark- able comparison silagra 50 mg between the amount silagra price of internal muscular activity and the total heat production. It is thus seen that the general curve for the pulse generic silagra as indicated on this chart, follows with considerable regularity the buy silagra online heat production, save that on the third day purchase silagra the pulse rate falls and the heat produc-

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