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tion actually increases slightly. On the subsequent days, the curve is in general parallel to that for the heat production. So striking is this comparison that it is believed that had the record for the pulse rate been complete, such as is obtained by the pneu- mograph, the curves would have been ncarlv iden- tical. The curves shown on these two charts indicate, then, that muscular activity as measured by the pulse rate, carbon dioxide elimination, oxygen con- sumption, vaporization of water, and heat produc- tion, are all strikingly uniform with regard to their periodicity. Similarly the urinary constituents in- dicate in, general an approximate uniformity, and consequently the results may be taken to show that the catabolism is regular in all phases as the fast progresses. The marked exception to this point is the probable effect of acidosis. It only remains for a short discussion of one of the most interesting factors in the research, namely, the recovery after a period of inanition. This was studied chiefly with a view to the replenishment of the nitrogen in the body after fasting. The nitro- genous intake of subject S. A. B. was under our control for a period of nearly two months, and dur- ing this period all the food that he ate was ac- curately sampled and weighed. The diet was abso- lutely unrestricted other than that all food must be samplefl and weighed so as to secure an accurate measure of the nitrogen intake. The recovery after fasting was most rapid. Dur- ing the seven day fasting experiment, there was a total loss of 8 1 grammes of nitrogen. On the first three days with food (which was insufficient in amount) the body lost lo grammes more. The total deficit of 91 grammes was regained in twelve days when abundant food was ingested, and the body continued to store nitrogen until at the beginning of the second fasting experiment there was actually an increased storage of 43 grammes. During the second fasting experiment the loss to the body was 42 grammes, which was rapidly regained during the subscfiuent food period. Two weeks after this experiment, the subject was obliged to leave Mid- dletown, but at this date the absolute store of nitro gen in the body was 54 grammes greater than at the beginning, although in the interim the subject had undergone two fasts of seven and four days, respectively. Although calorimeter experiments to determine the gain or loss of glycogen or body fat were im- possible during these periods between the fasting experiments, yet an accurate record of body weight and general physical condition of the subjects showed a marked increase in body weight following the fasts. In fact, so marked and regular were these increases that it has seemed clear that fasting ffjr short periods stimulates to a marked degree the power of the body to deposit fat. Of the seven students who were the subjects of the shorter two day experiments, all gained materially in weight at the conclusion of their fast. To eliminate the regu- lar rhythm in the body weight of college students, we have compared these gains in weight with those experienced by other groups of students, and it is definitely shown that the subjects gained consider- ably more in weight after fasting than did the aver- age college student. This fact, while admittedly as yet only a superficial observation, is worthy of further verification and experimentation. It is of extreme practical significance in the problems of the physician who wishes to fatten a patient. A two day fast with minimum muscular exercise, the sub- sequent food to be administered in small amounts for the first twenty-four hours followed by a liberal diet should, according to these observations, be a rational method for the deposition of fat. The tendency to store body fat exhibited by the subjects of short fasts may indicate a protective action on the part of the body to provide for a sub- sequent draft upon body material. THE ADVANTAGES AND LI.MITATIONS OF THE X RAY IN THE TREATMENT OF SURGI- CAL TUBERCULOSIS.* By Henry K. Pancoast^ M. D., Philadelphia, Loctvircr on Skiasrapl^y. Un'vcrsity of Pennsylvania, and Skia- grapher to the Unirersity Hospital. In the Buy Sildalis preparation of this subject from the stand- point of the x ray specialist for presentation before a body of surgeons, engaged in the discussion of the treatment of those manifestations of tubercu- losis in which surgical measures are recognized as the best and most efficient means of healing or re- moving certain local lesions of this disease, the at- tempt has been made to adhere closely to the infer- ence of the title, namely : The Advantages and Lim- itations of the X Ray. Doth Rontgen ray thera-

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