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peutics buy cheap singulair and diagnosis, in general, are more singulair online closely allied. to surgery than to general medicine and the other specialties, and this holds good in the appli- cation of the rays to the treatment and diagnosis of the pathological processes induced by localized tu- I)erculous infection. The relation is particularly close in their application for therapeutical order singulair purposes in this disease. In the first place, it is Ix^cause of the similarity between the action of this agent and of • Itcftd hpfore tlip SnrKlcnl Section of the American ABSOCin. tlon for I ho Sinriv and Prevention of Tuberculosis, Washington, I>. ('., Miiv 7, 11)07. September 21,1907.] PANCOAST: X RAY IN purchase singulair online TUBERCULOSIS. 537 some of the surgical generic singulair methods in the production order singulair online of certain tissue reactions and changes unfavorable to singulair price the life and growth of the Bacillus tuberculosis. Secondly, we find the x ray to be most efficient in the treatment of those manifestations which are classed more or less distinctly as surgical diseases. The treatment of tuberculosis as a constitutional disease, viewed either as an infection or as an hered- ilarv predisposition, is medical and hygienic, in all instances. Surgery, the x ray, the actinic light rays, high frequency currents, and the like, are measures directed against the local manifestations of the disease. To realize and believe the statements made by those X ray specialists whose authority is generally recognized does not require that one be buy singulair carried into the realms of imagination. There are many over enthusiasts among montelukast tablets us no doubt, but as a body we endeavor to keep within the singulair cost bounds of conservatism. In the treatment of tuberculosis, as in many other conditions, more credit has been claimed for the Rontgen ray. perhaps, than is really deserved. The conclusions drawn by writers on the subject singulair mg would be more uniform, and statistics more accurate, were the following three points in relation to the treat- ment of this disease given careful consideration : I. The Therapeutical Action of the X Ray in Tu- berculosis. — Granting that it has some singulair tablets curative pow- ers when applied to tuberculous lesions, levocetirizine montelukast which it un- doubtedly does possess, it is important to understand the e.\act nature of this action before drawing any conclusions as to the extent to which it is responsible for tlie results for which it is given credit. The X ray is probably not capable of any direct bacteri- cidal effect upon the tubercle bacillus, whether grow- ing in culture media or in living tissues. In the great majority of experiments in which these or- ganisms, growing in culture media, were exposed to the rays for variable periods, their growth was t;ither not afifected or was inhibited only. This applies to the Bacillus tuberculosis, for under simi- lar circumstances other bacteria may be killed, but apparently only a few varieties. Tiie prolonged ex- posures employed in many of these experiments could not bo used in the attempt to destroy the tubercle bacillus in the tissues of the human body. In the treatment of the deeper purchase singulair seated lesions, espe- cially, such exposures would likely destroy the over- cheap singulair lying healthy structures, with disastrous results. If prolonged x ray exposures will not destroy the bacil- lus buy singulair online in culture media, montelukast tablet the nuich shorter ones which are permissible in therapeutical applications can cer- tainly iiave little or no direct bactericidal effect upon the same organisms wiicn growing in the tissues of the hmnan body. Even though st)me montelukast sodium tablets varieties of bacteria, .some of the jiyogenic organisms for ex- ample, may lie destroyed when growing in culture media, x ray cxjiosures have no direct iierceptible effect upon them when they are present in living animal tissues. It has be
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