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tissues infected by lupus vulgaris, during the Purchase Slimfast various stages of treatment, are characteristic of the changes induced in every tuberculous lesion whicli responds favorably to the action of the x rays. The earliest elTects to be noted are a hypersemia, and the manifestations of a stimulation of the tissue cells, both of which are to be desired in any form of local treatment of tuberculous lesions, except when absolute rest is required. When this effect upon the tissues has been obtained the action should be car- ried no further, except in the treatment of the super- iicial manifestations, such as lupus, for by further exposure an x ray dermatitis is likely to result, and although this may be an unavoidable accident, liable to occur in the experience of any one, it certainly is not beneficial to the patient. In the treatment of the deeper seated Slimfast Snack Bars lesions, especially tuberculous adenitis, the majority of x ray specialists regulate their dosage in such a way as to induce a mild erythema, or still better a pronounced tanning of the skin. This reaction in the skin is used as an indi- cation of the production of Slimfast Shaker the desired effect upon the diseased tissues beneath. The effect of such a reaction Ls the promotion of an activity in the tissues sufficient to inhibit the growth of the tubercle bacil- lus, and later to destroy it. and also to cause destruc- tion and absorption of the products and results of bacterial action, and finally to replace the destroyed area by new tissue. In the treatment of lupus, the x ray reaction goes a step further, perhaps, Xumerous authorities have studied the changes in lupoid tissues induced by x ray applications by microscopical examinations made during various stages of the treatment. Slimfast Cost The results of these observations have been fairly uniform. There is first a hyper.-emia, attended by a degenera- tion of the giant cells and epithelioid cells of the tubercles. This stage is soon followed by an in- flammatory reaction, with leucocytic infiltration at the periphery. The cellular degeneration becomes decidedly evident at the onset of the infiammatorv stage. Some observers reverse the order of these two stages, placing Buy Slimfast Online the inflammatory reaction before the cellular degeneration. It is believed that Slimfast Canada the leucocytes hasten Purchase Slimfast Online the degenerative process, which is started, in part or wholly, through the intluence of the X ray upon the cells of lowereci vitality. As a result of these reactionary changes, the typical struc- ture of the tubercle tiisappears. and tlie debris is absorbed through the usual channels, or the leuco- cytes may take some jiart in its removal, Subse- f|nently. the tubercle is replaced liy fibrous con- nective tissue. In the deeper lesions the cellular destruction due to direct .iction of the rays probabl\ docs not take i)lace. as a rule, for the ex]>osure re- quired would be harmful to the intervening health) tissues, hence the more uniformly favorable results in the treatment of lupus, 2. The Sinfiiricatirc of the Term " Cure." — As generally appled tti the prognosis of tuberculous lesions, this term is rather complex and elastic. It 538 PAXCOAST: X RAY IN TUBERCULOSIS. does not always imply a complete restoration of the diseased tissues to their normal structure and func- Slimfast Cheap tion. It might be permissible to apply it to such a favorable termination as would be generally re- garded as the best result Slimfast Tablets obtainable, under any form of treatment, with due consideration to the existing circumstances. This, however, allows of The Slimfast Diet a wide range in the interpretation of the temi, and more or Cheap Slimfast Products less 'abuse in its application. 3. Spontaneous Cures, and the Effect of Other Curative Measures. — It is a well Slimfast 123 recognized fact Buy Cheap Slimfast that in tuberculosis there is a tendency toward occa- sional spontaneous cures, and that many cases, in which the disease may or Slimfast Australia may not have been recog- nized, get well without having received any medical treatment directed against this particular condition. It is erroneous, perhaps, to speak of these cures as " spontaneous," for, in reality, the disappearance of the lesions is the result of the prevalence of certain conditions, unfavorable to the tubercle bacillus, and brought about by such factors as the manner of liv- ing, diet, and hygienic surroundings of the patient. In other words, they are the Slimfast Meals same conditions which we attempt to bring about by the generally Order Slimfast accepted methods of constitutional treatment. Therefore, in many of the manifestations of tuberculosis, when a cure follows x ray treatment, these points must be given due consideration. Likewise, when other forms of treatment are employed in conjunction with the X ray, the possible beneficial eiifect of Slimfast 123 Plan the former must be conscientiously considered before Order Slimfast Online giving full credit to the rays, especially in those manifestations of the disease in which the Rontgen treatment is not, as a rule, uniformly effectual. As Slimfast Price an example, if a patient suffering from- pulmonary

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