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PANCOAST: X RAY IN TUBERCULOSIS. 541 ulcerations, and general infiltrations can be made to disappear in a few weeks. The prognosis as to the complete restoration of the voice depends synthroid cheap upon the circumstances attending each individual case, and notliing remarkable need be claimed for the x ray. Pulmonary Tuberculosis. A large number of patients of synthroid mcg pulmonary tuber- culosis have been reported as cured by x ray treat- ment. Init these reports must be looked upon with considerable scepticism. Personally, I do believe that in some cases x ray purchase synthroid applications are capable of much benefit, in conjunction with where to buy synthroid the usual thera- peutical and hygienic measures, but used alone they will very rarely, if ever, promote a cure. order synthroid So far I have not attempted to treat a case of uncomplicated pulmonary tuberculosis, and very likely never will, while continuing to live and work in a climate buy cheap synthroid favorable to this disease. Nevertheless, I am confi- dent that this agent has some value in certain cases. In one case, with unquestionable involvement of both apices, during the treatment of a complicating tuberculous laryngitis, the apices cost of synthroid were exposed dur- ing each exposure to synthroid online the neck. The result was a complete cure of both the laryngeal and the lung conditions, as far synthroid mg as carefully elicited physical signs and disappearance of all symptoms could prove This patient has remained perfectly well for three years. Although no other therapeutical measures were used, there is no absolute proof that the x ray cured the synthroid buy online lesions in the apices. In a patient with a purchase synthroid online similar case now under treatment the laryngeal manifestations have disappeared, and the lesion in the one apex involved has nearly cleared up. On the basis of this small personal experience I think it ad- visable in all cases of tuberculous laryngitis and cervical adenitis under x ray treatment to expose the apices judiciously, whenever a small or incipient lesion is suspected or demonstrable in these areas. In advanced cases complicated by mixed infectior, it is questionable whether any benefit whatever is to be derived from applications of Rcintgen rays, and, in fact, there is a possibility of them doing harm, for reasons already mentioned. Conservatively speaking, the x ray treatment oi pulmonary tuberculosis has not yet passed beyond an experimental stage. Therefore it is unnecessary to advise a patient to stay at home and take this buy synthroid treatment, rather than to betake iiimself to a more healthful climate. Peritonitis. 'i'ui)erculous ])eritonitis has been favorably influ- enced by X ray treatment. This statement is basec. upon l)otii the reports in literature anrl personal ex- perience in four cases treated. Of these four pa- tients, one patient with a case of the synthroid cost plastic varietv, treated by Dr. J. P>. Shober and myself, was cured, and remained so for one year at least. Two pa- tients, cases synthroid price nf the ascitic variety, were improved, hut stopped csynthroid tablets of this disease, in connection with whatever other forms of treatment which would be indicated. There is suf- ficient evidence generic synthroid for stating that the x rav is capable, m many cases, of at least prolonging life, of reliev- mg distressing symptoms, and in some instances of promotmg a symptomatic cure, with or without a relapse. Surgery can promise no more in cases of plastic tuberculous peritonitis, but a combination of the tvyo methods may be conducive to better re- sults, using the x ray as a postoperative measure when operation is price of synthroid indicated, or alone if operative measures are not advisable. Bones. As yet there is not suflScient evidence synthroid levothyroxine for viewing the X ray treatment of bone tuberculosis in anv other light than as an experimental adjunct order synthroid online to the various recognized methods of medicine and surgery. These methods should always be emploved an\^vay, and It is questionable whether thev have not' bee'n entirely responsible for the results' in the few pa- tients who have been reported as cured by the x ray.

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