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he felt himself quite recovered. He resumed his practice, but in a week found himself quite unequal to it. He declined rapidly and died six weeks later. I have another physician under observation at present whose history is even more remarkable as showing an unprecedented interval of apparent purchase tenormin online re- covery. I treated him in buy tenormin 1889 {Medical Neiroved to tenormin iv be the little girl now grown to womanhood whom he had condemned to a sliort existence so many tenormin atenolol years Ijcfore. She was now the happy mother of several cliildreii. Mint learned wliat is tenormin 25 mg now well known, order tenormin that chil- purchase tenormin contrary, if the cardiac affection be- generic tenormin gins in later life the lesion is progressive and life is only exceptionally prolonged beyond a few years. In the child the disease of the heart is inflammatory and therefore selflimited ; once arrested the heart is cured except for the eilfects of the inflammation. All depends on how much the resulting scar interferes cheapest tenormin with the function of the heart and how far that in- terference can be overcome by the compensatory hypertrophy of the cardiac muscle and tenormin 25 the necessary dilatation of the cavity or cavities concerned. In later life, on the other hand, the disease is degenera- tive and is not selflimited, but progressive, and when marked the end is not a great way off. cheap tenormin The large class of neuropathic cases order tenormin online have brought much discredit tenormin 25mg to us on account of our want of defi- nite knowledge of their course and of the readiness tenormin online with which they yield to the greatest variety of in- fluences, often of the slightest degree. It is from this class that the adventurous quack gathers his fol- lowers, whether he belongs to the Christian scien- tists, electricians, or the vendors of the multitudes of patent remedies which flood the market. We have been slow to learn that the psychical side of human nature has great influence on the physical. It is probable that all chronic buy cheap tenormin deviations from the normal are greatly influenced in their course by the mental condition. We know that the renal secretion may be as' greatly affected tenormin tablet by emotional disturbance as can that of the lacrymal gland. Although not so buy tenormin online easily proved, there is scarcely a doubt that the func- tions of other glands may be as much disturbed by the mental state. Within the last few weeks in the case of a young tenormin 50mg woman showing symptoms of

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