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Such hospital work would have a wonderfully stimulating effect on the neighboring profession and vastly increase the efficiency of their private practice. Difficult cases could be studied both fmm the clin- ical and laboratory aspects. The training in observa- tion necessary to make such records would, I ven- ture to say, do more to advance the science of medi- cine than even laboratory work, much as it is doing to advance medical science. Neither field of work is independent, but each must be supplemented by the other. The laboratory findings alone are an insuffi- cient basis on which to form a full conception of any disease ; the results Thorazine Uses of the diseased process must be interpreted Thorazine Chlorpromazine in the light of the environments in which they develop, that is, the Thorazine 10 Mg human organism. This is especially true of the use of therapeutic measures. It will take several years to secure such an im- provement in the clinical records of the hospitals all over this country, as it will be necessary to make a complete change in the methods of medical educa- tion. The men at present doing the hospital work Thorazine 100 Mg will scarcely change their methods, so that we will have to depend on a process of evolution in which there will be a gradual breaking away from " quiz " methods, and the substitution of personal observa- tion of patients, guided by good judgment. This is the most crying present need of medical educa- tion on this continent ; the medical student gets too much instruction and too little work. Generic Thorazine He is filled up with information, but not educated. His train- ing leads him to rely on the opinions of his instruc- tors Thorazine Iv before graduation, and afterwards on the in- numerable books the publishers persuade him to buy. If this society could initiate the adoption of an improved and uniform plan of hospital records it would do more to raise the status of medicine in this coimtry than can be done bv academic Buy Thorazine discussions, however important. Such records would necessi- tate close study and accurate observation bj' all con- nected with hospitals, the students as well as mem- bers of the staffs. The result would not only be more accurate knowledge of the course of disease without which we cannot estimate the effect of treat- ment, but a better trained general profession. Good clinical Thorazine Bipolar insight is of inestimable value to every physician ; it can be attained only by close study and thoroughness of work. Even the small- est details must receive careful consideration. While our mental attitude should not be that of cold cynical doubt, vet we must not be hasty in Buy Thorazine Online accepting conclu- sions. We must " prove all things, holding fast t-hat which is Order Thorazine good." Thorazine 25 Mg To this end the Thorazine 50 Mg critical observa- tion of the processes manifested in the Purchase Thorazine Online human organ- ism are as essential as of those in the laboratory. The work in neither field can be independent of the other, and in both there should be equal care as to accuracy of observation. Of this fact clinical ob- servers require to be frequently reminded. 151 Bloor Street, West. REPORT OF A CASE Thorazine Online OF SEPTIC MENINGO- ENCEPHALITIS OR CEREP.RITIS. By Barton H. Chlorpromazine Thorazine Potts, M. D., Philadelphia. The condition of encephalitis, or cerebritis, is nearly always difficult to diagnosticate, and if there is present a possible source of Thorazine 200 Mg infcttion the Purchase Thorazine diag- nosis between this condition and brain abscess may be impossible; this is particularly so as an encepha- litis of infective origin will iirobniily end in suppu- September 21, 1907.] POTTS: SEPTIC MENINGOENCEPHALITIS. 545 ration in the course of three or four weeks. Enceph- alitis of noninfective origin may continue a longer time without pus formation, and when it does be- come purulent it is from a superadded infection. A small focus of infection in the neighborhood of the skull is sufficient to cause the breaking down as a result Buy Cheap Thorazine of infective embolism. Encephalitis is char- acterized by marked pyrexia, pain in the head, red- ness of the face and eyes, in- tolerance of light and sounds, and delirium, either furious or muttering. Order Thorazine Online It is caused by inebriation, violent mental emotions, or may result from the same causes as other in- flammations. The condition is comparatively infrequent,

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