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and therefore the following case is considered worthy of being reported : Case. — The patient was a man, aged forty-four years. He was admitted to the German Hospital on March 7. 1907, giv- ing the following history: Fam- ily history negative. The pa- tient denied venereal disease. He used alcohol to excess at times. His present illness be- gan in the early part of Jan- uary, 1907, with throbbing pain in the right ear and tenderness over the right mastoid, .\flcr one week ofloxacin tinidazole of this pain there was a free discharge tinidazole tablets 500mg of thick yel- low pus from the meatus; this was followed by relief from purchase tinidazole online the pain and tenderness. The dis- charge had continued without interruption. About ten days before admission there was in- tense pain in the left ear and over the mastoid, followed by discharge. He had had sharp shooting headache ever since the onset of the first attack ami an increasing pain at the back of the neck. About two weck^ after the onset of the troubU- in January he began to have chills at irregular intervals, fol- lowed by fever and sweats. Pa- tient said that he had not vom ited, but his wife said that ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets he had done so. I'hysical examination showed the heart, lungs, and abdom- inal viscera to be normal. The face was flushed and rhc conjunctiva red. The right ear showed some discharge witti perforation of the membrane and some sagging of the upper and posterior canal wall. The left ear showed discliarge. with perforation of the niembr.ine :ui(l slight bulging and sagging of the canal order tinidazole online wall. ICxamination of the eyes showed choked disc in both eyes; the nerve being swollen to about ,^ D in the right eye and 5 D in the left. The vessels were tortuous, the disc edges were blurrctinidazole tindamax only every three hours, was taken from an hour- ly chart. Kernig's sign was present. ' The patient was operated ciprofloxacin tinidazole upon on March 9th. A tvmpanomastoid exenteration was done on the fasigyn tinidazole right side and a Schwartze on the left. No communication of anv kind with the cranial cavity was found, and it was decided to study his condition further tinidazole giardia liefore re- sorting to more radical operative measures. The patient was restless while coming up from the ether, and later in the evening he buy tinidazole became very talka- tive; by the following morning this condition had de- veloped into a shouting delirium. There was a slight rise in the ciprofloxacin and tinidazole temixjrature ami an increase of the pulse rate. He had to be cathctcrizcd for forty-eight hours, and then he began to void urine involuntarily and tinidazole vs metronidazole had no control ovei- the bowel mov-ments. Lumbar punc- ture at thi< time was negative. Sivlium bromide was given to control the delirium. Calomel, generic tinidazole saline, and the tinidazole online ice cap were used. Strychnine and whiskey were given 546 ULLMAN: NEPHROPTOSIS. as indicated. Hypodernioclysis was given and re- peated. But, notwithstanding the treatment, the con- dition grew worse. On March 13th tlie temperature was 101° F. and the pulse 114, and on March 15th the temperature reached 104° F., with the tinidazole tablets pnlse 140. The eyes were again examined. tinidazole norfloxacin The swelling of the left disc had not changed, but that of the right was now 3 D, an increase of 2 D. The possiljility of intracranial pus was carefully order tinidazole considered, but the patient did not have the appearance of a pus case and the diagnosis of encephalitis was still adhered to. As his condition, however, wis so low and as he was so certainly losing

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