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An Trental Cost illustrative case follows : Case I. — Miss Trental Injection G. B., thirty-two years of age, gen- eral houseworker. The family history was negative. Menstruation was regular. Patient always enjoyed good health until three years previous to consulting me on June 2y, '1904. Her appetite was poor, bowels moved Trental 400 regularly, she complained of " a deathly sick feeling after meals and often between meals," had lost fifteen pounds Trental 100 Mg within a few weeks ; had absolutely no desire to eat, a fear to eat because of the distress Generic Trental followijig. Previous to con- sulting me, she foolishly visited a clairvoyant. There was a right palpable kidney of the second de- gree. Gastric analysis after a test breakfast showed a total acidity of 34. The patient was fitted with an ab- dominal supporter with a kidney pad. She was given hydrochloric acid, strychnine, and a malt extract, Trental Indications and gastric lavage. She was discharged as free from all symptoms on August 27, 1904, having gained twelve pounds. (The patient has since been perfectly well and the kidney is in proper position.) The pain may also be mistaken for an hysterical gastralgia, or a gallstone colic, remembering that in a majority of gallstone cases there is no jaun- dice ; but the kidney may be so Purchase Trental Online displaced as to press upon the descending portion of the duodenum, so that in some rare cases, in addition to the pains, there may also be jaundice. Bramwell reports a case in vi^hich movable kidney produced pyloric stenosis and constriction of the duodenum bv peri- toneal bands. C.\SE II. — Mrs. B., twenty-eight years of age, mar- ried, nullipara, recently came to the city from Philadel- phia. The patient was first seen at her home, as I had Trental Mg been hurriedly called to relieve her from severe gastralgia and vomiting. She complained of Trental Price loss of appetite, distress after eating, eructations, loss of weight and nervousness. She vomited, and the vomitus con- sisted of bile and mucus. She stated that she had been treated by a New York specialist for liver trouble and by another physician of Philadelphia for gastric dis- ease. (This explains the diversity in symptoms and the difficulty often of their interpretation.) On the first examination, the muscles of the patient were so tender as to make an abdominal examination impossible. T>ater, the stomach was found normal in position ; the contents on examination, after a test meal, showed an absence of free hydrochloric acid. Liver was normal ; a movable Trental Online kidney of the second degree was found. She was treated by the adjustment of a properly fitting abdominal bandage with a kidney pad, and dilute hydrochloric acid was administered after meals. The patient increased from 104 to 116 pounds in five months, and during a period of three years has had no recurrences. In many of these cases there exists constipation, which may be followed by diarrhoea and peristaltic unrest, and because of the coexistence of gastro- ptosis and enteroptosis there may be a condition of enteritis membrenacea. Nervous Syiiiploms. — These patients often cnm- plain of reflex symptoms, and it is therefore well to remember not to frighten such Buy Trental Online nervous individuals turther by calling attention and laying too much stress Order Trental on this condition should it be found. The following are some of the nervous symp- toms : Buy Trental Headache, backache, migraine, vertigo, Buy Cheap Trental ir- ritability, and mental anxiety, which unless relieved becomes more and more aggravated and lead to in- somnia, neurasthenia, hypochondriasis, and even melancholia. There are all sorts of disagreeable pressing feelings, sinking Order Trental Online feeling, and pains which may simulate Purchase Trental gastric and other crises. The vasomotor nervous system is afifected; such patients often sufifer from palpitation, epigastric pul- sations, vasomotor constriction with sudden pallor, and vasomotor paresis, with sudden flushes and feel- ings of heat. On examination stigmata of hysteria such as anaesthetic or hyperaesthetic areas may be found. Senator states that pains and weakness in both lower extremities may be found which are due to inflammatory irritations of the lumbar plexus, and may simulate locomotor ataxia. The blood, if asso- ciated with a splanchoptosis, may show evidences of a chloroansemia (Meinert). An illustrative case, in which several of these ner- vous symptoms predominated, is the following : Case III. — Mrs. F. P., twenty-nine years of age, American, married, one child, aged four years. Be- fore her marriage she had Trental Tablets been " run down," was ir- ritable and nervous, and often felt so depressed that she wanted to cry. " She often felt so bad Pentoxifylline Trental that she would shake all over, her hands would tremble and they would feel as cold as ice ; when Trental Generic very nervous red spots

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