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FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D., and SMITH ELY JELLIFFE, M. D. Merck Vytorin Address all bitsijiess communications to A. R. ELLIOTT Vytorin Statin PUBLISHIXC COMPANY, Pitblishers. 66 IVcst Broadivay, Nezv York. Philadelphia Office: Chicago Office: 3713 Walnut Street. 160 Washington Street. SrBscRiPTioN Price : Vnder Domestic Postape Rates. S5 : under Foreign Postage Rate, $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should be made by New York Exchaoee or post office or express money order payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co. or by registered mail, as tne publishers are not responsible lor money sent by unregistered mail. £ntered at the Post Office at New York and admitted for transportation through the mail as second class matter. NEW YORK. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. U">7 MILK AS A VEHICLE OF IXFECTION. For some years past there has been no lack of literature pertaining to this subject, but the greater part of it has consisted of individual communica- tions. Something has been done systematically, but probably nothing Generic Vytorin 10 40 to compare with what we may ex- pect from an investigation on which tlie United •States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service Vytorin Generic Name has now entered. In a circular letter dated August 28th, addressed Vytorin Cholesterol to State and local health officers and to other sanitarians. Surgeon General Wyman re- marks that this study has been Is There A Generic For Vytorin undertaken by his bureau by direction of the President and the Secre- tary of the Treasury, and that the design is to make a compilation of all authentic cases in which disease has been spread by milk. There are to be included only instances in which milk has been the undoubted means of carrying an infectious disease to one or more persons. Although, says the circular, in the light of our present knowledge, the greatest interest attaches to cases of typhoid fever, diphtheria, and scarlet fever, Vytorin 10 Mg yet reports of other diseases carried by milk are desired also. The circular, though addressed as we have stated, seems to invite medical men in general to communi- cate the purpf)rt of their observation, for it says : " Although many ei)ideiiiics caused by milk have been reported in the printed Vytorin Gel reports of boards of health and in the medical journals, a greater number known to medical men have not been so reported." A blank form for reports accompanies the circular. a separate blank for each disease. The data asked for include the date (approximately, we presume), the place, the number of cases, the number of deaths, the number of Is Vytorin A Statin cases among milk consumers, the Vytorin Online cir- cumstances of individual outbreaks, the locality in which the initial case or cases causing an outbreak occurred, the manner in which the milk was in- fected, and the reasons for believing that the disease was conveyed by milk. The bureau is to be commended for adding this investigation to the many others which it has under- taken in the interest of the public health, and we do not doubt that the returns will be as full as is con- sistent with the brevity of the period Vytorin Cost within which the service expects to receive them — between the date of the circular and the 15th of next month. We hope that this time will be extended, for there are manv physicians who will not Vytorin Generic Equivalent have brought their summer vacations to a close much before the middle of Octo- ber, and they are likely to find Vytorin Price on returning to their work such an accumulation of letters and circulars as to preclude their giving prompt attention to this important inquiry. Such returns as are received will of course be carefully analyzed by the bureau, and we may look confidently for Generic For Vytorin 10 40 a systematic presenta- tion of all that they imply. The Public Health and Marine Hospital Service has always given us well digested summaries of its investigations, and we may be sure Vytorin Discount Card that there will be no exception in this in- stance. Generic Name For Vytorin THE GERMAN ACADEMIES OF MEDICINE. The German city of Diisseldorf. well known as a centre of painting, music, Cost Of Vytorin and trade, opened on July 27th an academy of medicine. This is the second city of the Prussian Rheinprovinz to possess now its own Buy Vytorin medical school. Not long ago, in Generic For Vytorin 1904, Cologne

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