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HUGHES: RETRODISPLACEMENT OF THE UTERUS. case, but we have two principles which we can observe : first, to relieve the symptoms, and, sec- ond, to follow nature as closely as we can in re- storing the parts to their proper place. The highest form of gynaecological work, and the only form that can offer a cure at the present time, is the non-operative. I know that any Zantac Mg treatment other than surgical is looked Order Zantac Online on with contempt, and that " routine treatment " and " tampon treatment " Where To Buy Zantac are terms of opprobrium in the profession. It is not the treatment, but the way in which it is carried out that is disgraceful. The term palliative has been applied to Purchase Zantac Online all such procedures, a term altogether misleading. No such treatment should be under- taken with any other goal in view than that of complete return to the normal, and the title of such treatment should be Purchase Zantac curative and not pal- liative. Every case of retroversion not complicated by tumors, oophoritis, pustules, or the like, where the muscular tissue in the round and Order Zantac uterosacral ligaments is still capable of functionating, and where there is no mechanical obstruction, can be cured by replacing the uterus again, and again if necessarjf, appljnng properly a tampon, or, if there is no tenderness in Zantac Buy Zantac Online the posterior ligaments' a hard rubber pessary, massaging the uterus and annexa, building up the general health, wearing loose clothing suspended from the shoulders and taking the "knee chest position " from five to ten minutes twice daily, and practising walking on the hands and feet, or " elephant " walking, as it is called in the gymnasium. Such a line of treatment judiciously carried out will cure any suitable case in the same length Zantac Coupon of time that is given to the removal of the symp- toms by surgery, that is to say, two weeks in bed and two months of convalescence. Such a line of treatment should seldom be attempted at home unless the services of a nurse can be secured. It is said, and with truth, that a woman has to be keyed up to the excitement of an- operation be- fore she will give herself the necessary time, but this is largely the fault of the physician. The patient is as clay in the hands of her medical ad- viser. And if he spoke with the same certainty of relief for her after medical as after surgical treatment she would submit even more willingly. As for the matter Buy Zantac of expense, it is about equal. What has brought everlasting disgrace and suspicion on this method is that it has been used again and again in unsuitable cases, and carried out in a slip-shod haphazard way, by physicians who looked forward to no more definite termina- tion than Zantac 300 Mg the end of the woman's patience. While medical treatment is strongly to be recomended in suitable cases, it is just as strongly to be con- demned in the unsuitable, that is to say, where there are complications that prevent the mus- cular ligaments from recovering their tone, where the muscle Zantac 75 Mg fibres have been destroyed by inflammation, where there are adhesions, oopho- ritis, salpingitis, and endometritis of a chronic form, such as that following gonorrhceal infec- tion, or where a ruptured perinaeum or relaxed vaginal outlet makes it impossible for the uterus to maintain its equilibrium. In such cases Zantac 150 Mg there Online Zantac is actual loss of function from destruction of tis- sue and only palliative treatment can be Buy Zantac Online thought of. Sometimes the repair of a perineeum or relaxed vaginal outlet with replacement of the uterus and Zantac 150mg keeping it in place with a pessary for a few months, is sufficient, or perhaps the clearing out of diseased glands and Zantac 150 repair of the cervix are called for. Curettage of the body of the uterus had better be 300 Mg Zantac deferred vmtil some genius invents an instru- ment that will curette. I seldom use a curette, except in some Cheap Zantac cases of incomplete abortion, and then experience has taught me to rely largely on my finger. I have tried to curette a rubber bag, into which I had poured a non-soluble red jelly or paste. Splitting up the bag after a twenty min- utes' conscientious attempt to clear it out with a curette and the use of several quarts of water, I was very glad that nobody's life depended on the completeness of that curettement. Another con- sideration that will often deter us from a curet- tage is that the corpus uteri is not at all so prone to inflammations as its more glandular cervix, and there is the risk of infecting a previously ster- ile body from an infected neck.

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