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Sepi.-mber 21, 1907.] PITH OF CURREXT LITERATURE. --,61 which is seven and a half inches in height, five inches being used for ether Cost Of Zofran space, two and a half inches and the neck for vapor space. The diameter is four inches and the capacity on the ether space twenty-nine ounces, so that a large amount of ether may be used without materially lowering the ether column. The afferent tube which leads to the bottom of the ether column ends in a bulb with several small perforations so that the air ascends in several small bubbles. Zofran 4mg The stopper and Zofran Odt the connections should be tight. The bottle is placed in a Zofran Mg water bath at a temperature of between 80° and 90" !•. Ether boils at 98.6° F. It is desirable to keep the tem- perature below this point. By keeping the ether as warm as possible without boiling, the air forced in by the bulb is more easily saturated. If the operation is a long one it may be desirable to renew' the temperature of the bath. The efferent tube should be sufficiently long Ondansetron Zofran to Odt Zofran Cost Zofran allow moving the wash bottle away in case the operator wishes to change his position from one side of the table to the other. The afferent Zofran Price tube should be of sufficient length to allow the etherizer to inspect the patient from head to foot still retaining the bulb in hand. After narcosis is complete two or three squeezes of the bulb a minute will usually suffice to keep it so. It is noteworthy that the patients may be " run light,"' as they usually respond rapidly to the injections after being once etherized. If the patient becomes too profoundly ana'stiietized the efferent tube should be disconnected and such ether gas as is in the bowel forced out through the rectal tube b)' abdominal massage. An oxygen Zofran 4 Mg tank should be connected with the rectal tube and this gas made to distend the bow-el. Artificial respiration and stimulation 8 Mg Zofran should be resorted to in the usual manner. When the operation is com- ])lete Zofran Cost it has been his custom to e.xpel as much of the gas ether as possible by massage of the abdomen w-ith the rectal tube still in position. Briefly summarized, the points of interest are as follows : There is compara- tively little ether used. There is no stage Iv Zofran of excite- ment. Vomiting seldom occurs. Bronchial secretions are absent. There is a comparatively quick ether recov- ery. The bowels are slightly constipated. Unless the bowel is free from f»ces it is difficult to produce nar- cosis. THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION Scl>tt'nil)cr /.;. J90~. 1. An Epidemic Pneumococcic Catarrhal Disease, Zofran 8 Mg By H.\RVEV G. Heck and \Vn.Li.\M Roval Stokes. J. The Rate of Elimination Zofran 8mg Zofran Buy of Uric .\cid Zofran 4 in Man. By L.\F.\VETTE B. Mendel and Ernest W. Browx. 3. Dynamic Ileus, By John C. Munro. 4. Resection for the Relief of Intestinal Obstruction, By \V. J. Mayo. 5. Public Zofran Ondansetron Provision for Incipient Cases of Tuberculosis, Sanatoria, and Dispensaries, By Charles Price Of Zofran C. Browning. 6. Climate and Outdnor Life in the Treatment of Tuber- culosis. By PivfL Paquin. 7. Mucous Colitis, By .XRiniR D. Dirxx. .S. The Treatment of Ciomrrhival Infections by a .Spccilic Antiserum, By Jniix Rimiers and John C. Torrev. riic Larynx in Locomotur .\taxia. By VV. B. G Harland. 10 Clcinsing Treatment nf Clirouic .Suppuration of the Middle Ear, By \V. Sohiek Bryant. 11 I liiii,:- IMilcbitis; Its .SyinpiDuialoloKy, DiaKHosis, and TrcTlnient, Hy James I'". McKernox. I.' Scrum DiaKuosis of Syphilis. By Paim. I-'leischmann ,ind Wni.iAM J. Butler. 1. An Epidemic Pneumococcic Catarrhal Disease.— Bilk. Zofran Iv ,'in(l Slokis describe an cpiili'iuic ni .1 pccnliar ea- rn .nii.liii..n ,i,,inrec| in Ualtimore abcntt

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