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two years ago. The same kind of epidemic appeared this year. 1 he disease is clearly infectious. In all ex- cept ten cases there was a history of house infection. Forty-six cases occurred in zoloft 300 mg a day thirteen fam.lies. In a family consisting of eight members, only two girls zoloft 300 mg per day were affected. They slept in the same bed. Another family, in which six were affected, the d.sease was distinctly traced to a servant who had the symptoms for three days before the general outbreak. An interesting exam- ple of the epidemic character is an outbreak on board a bay steamer, in which 20 per cent, of the crew suffered the same symptoms, including the captain, chief en- gineer, second mate and watchman. A smear from the engineer's throat showed i took 300 mg of zoloft epithelial cells containing as many as sixty pairs of encapsulated diplococci. A sig- nificant feature of this disease was the formation of a pseudoniembrane. This occurred in 12.5 per cent, of all the cases. The membrane was of a light yellow- color, usually situated in the nose, pharynx, or naso- pharynx, and occasionally the conjunctiva. It was eas- ily removed, but usually a bleeding zoloft online order surface generic zoloft online pharmacy no prescription of the mu- cous membrane remained. Cover slip preparations showed an enormous amount of encapsulated pneumo- cocci, and direct inoculation into animals produced buy zoloft online canada pneu- mococcic septicaemia. Severe bronchitis was present in ten of the cases. Some of them proved almost beyond a doubt to be due to a pneumococcus infection. Vomit- ing of clear or bile stained mucus after coughing oc- curred in 37.5^ per cent, of the cases. This appeared cheap zoloft no prescription to affect small children more constantly than adults. \'om- iting was often accompanied with intense retching. Diarrhoea complicated four of the cases in this series, all of which occurred in children under four years of age. Fibrinous complicated does zoloft have street value two cases and frontal sinusitis and purulent otitis media each com- plicated a single case. It is strange to say that pneu- monia did not develop in any of these cases. The aver- age duration of the acute stage was from one week to ten days. The cough frequently persisted much longer, and in zoloft street value some instances it continued for five or six weeks. Six of the patients had definite relapses ; five occurred in young children and one in an adult. The interval between the subsidence of the primary attack and the onset of the relapse ranged from one to two weeks. The cough was very intractable and zoloft 100 mg street value little influenced by ordinary cough mixtures. Antipyrine and the bromides diminished the intensity and frequency of the parox- ysms. Much relief was obtained by a thorough cleans- ing of the mucous niembrane of the nose and throat by the use of an alkaline spray. The mild forms of con- junctivitis yielded readily to the local application of boracic acid zoloft 300 mg daily solution. The severe mucopurulent and membranous forms were successfully treated with lo per cent, argyrol solution. Quinine administered in large doses (twenty-five to thirty-five grains daily) proved an efficient remedy. It had the effect of promptly reducing the temiierature and lessening the cough and coryza. The autliors conclude that this disease exists as a distinct entity, characterized by i)urulent or fibri- nous inflannnation of the nnicous membranes of the eye. nose, and throat. The infection buy generic zoloft online no prescription can be comnninicated from diseased to healthy persons. The infection is caused by the pneumococcus, resembling in its cultural and pathogenic properties the cause of loliar pne\unonia. 6, Climate and Outdoor Life in the Treatment of Tuberculosis. — I'mpiin draws i>iir aiiention lo our very ini|)crfect knowledge of climatology and our blunder- ing as a consequence. Wo do not fully realize, he says, the nature of our liody relationship to the atmo.sphcrc. as evidenced bv reactions i>n our tissues, ])articularlv the nerves atid the parts involved in certain pathological lihenomena. zoloft online pharmacy no prescription How and why is it that certain atmos- pheric conditions cause the appearance of more or less severe aching and nerve pains in arthritic, rheumatic, zoloft price comparison neuralgic, niialgic, and pletiritic affections? We thco- 56^ PITH OF CURREXT IJTIiRATrRli. rizc on the subject. huV wc arc tar t'nmi liaving generic zoloft sale scientific generic zoloft online people, perhaps the tuberculous, which we do not as yet appreciate. Cer- tain it is that the mere change does zoloft come 150 mg tablets of climate, irrespective of locality, is often productive of good results and that certain localities which, by the usual factors of climate, would seem very ordinary in the treatment of tuber- culosis, occasion apparently persistent cures. It then behooves the profession to undertake a systematic study of climate. The medical schools, concludes the author, should take up the matter. 8. Gonorrhoeal Infections Treated by a Specific Serum. — Rogers and Torrey describe the method of ad- ministration of their serum as follows: The senmi has always been given in small doses, viz., 2 c.c, or street value zoloft 100mg about 40 minims. No experiments have been carried out with larger amounts, as this quantity of potent serum has been found sufficient to act destructively on the gono- cocci without buy generic zoloft online danger to the patient. This dose has gen- erally been injected into the loose subcutaneous tissue between the deep fascire and the skin in the upper arm, using the other arm on the second injection. Any other

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